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Darling kimono finds and a Happy Mother's Day 2013!


Yesterday I was celebrating mother’s day by reading a book about another approaching adventure, raising a little boy.

It’s not without an ounce of fear that the due date is creeping closer, with 3 weeks to go I keep thinking, have I’ve done this, and that with my baby girl not knowing how busy I’ll be with two kids?..I should have enjoyed a visit to a baby swimming session or should I have had a better look at different play schools for her as it was just the two of us, and what about all these long relaxing walks that I promised myself I should have done. These 9 months has just flown past and a piling guilt of not ‘enjoying’ our precious ‘mother daughter’ time more has snuck up on me. My ever supporting husband blames everything on hormones and is taking it all with calmness and stride.

It’s probably wise to follow in his collected footsteps but I can’t help feeling that tinged of sadness that I should have…or shouldn’t have, could have or couldn’t.

Then again, just because there’s a little son in the house, doesn’t mean that me and Scarlett can’t have any time to sneak out for a quick little adventure, just the two of us? I have 3 more weeks to go and I’ll list a few things and make room for them as we move along. It’s a shame that tiredness and aching feet, huffing and puffing also limits all of these dreams lurking inside my ‘baby-brain’. Now to something I can squeeze in between tumble time and dentists, shopping or at least the need to indulge in new things even if most of it is ‘window shopping’ as there’s that lack of waist-line again. Kimono’s and satin printed pyjama pants and wide legged lounge wear.

That’s what I’m wearing and craving at the moment. That and yellow printed baroque fabrics from no.21 or Sea. I discovered my first silky vintage looking kimono wrap from Winter Kate(back in the day)and staple pieces like that last ‘forever’…The kimono I’m wearing in the photo is just a random Cotton On find and what a find that randomly was…

Happy mother’s day out there to all you amazing multi tasking mom’s or daughters to amazing moms as well!xx Alice

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