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Twilight Trend & Gothic Fashion

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goth clothinggoth clothing

Goth on display in Tokyo, and a beautiful chair, I just think it's georgeus!

Fashion trend towards goth and rock? Lace details has been spotted on Rhianna and corsets, bows, puffy skirts and net-leggings, all this is indications that the trends are heading to a 'darker' Autumn and perhaps more exciting?So what is Goth?

goth clothing

I had a look at Wikipedia and found that Goths orignate from southern parts of Sweden and that the name could come from the Gotlanders-gutar and therefor goth is a name for a 'ethnic group'from the island outside of Swedens coast? Well, that was pretty fun, since I come from that place..

"The Goths have had many names and have acquired population from many ethnic sources. Peoples under similar names were key elements of the Germanic Migrations. Nevertheless they believed, and this belief is supported by the mainstream of scholarship, that the names derived from a single prehistoric ethnonym owned by a uniform culture of south Scandinavia in the mid-first millennium BC, the original "Goths". People of a modern form of that name still live there".south Sweden, a possible original homeland of the Goths..wikipedia

When it comes to Fashion then?Is it just a weird few on the school yard,girls with pale faces and black lips? It's best described as a survival trend from the Victorian Era with inspiration from queens and nobles, fabrics like silk and satin and ribbons tied in the back,the only thing is that Goth goes hand in hand with Vampires/ghosts/beleifs/superstition and so on? all these headlines symbolize darkness and therefor the garments are mainly black with perhaps some contrasts in different shades of red, ravers has that similar look, big dreads and chunky boots but will go for brighter accessories and colors like neon green and bright pink going for more of an 90's vibe. I personally lean more towards the Vintage Victorian Fashion.

goth clothing

Corsets are always on demand both for cute bridesmaids but also as a sexy party garment. In Japan the trend of looking goth/lollipop rockabilly has hit the roof and Lolita with sailorstripes, in betty boop style, cartoons, hello kitty and heaps of dots, mix it up with pin-up girl and 'grease' style and it's hot as a hot cake. Well, I'm not a big fan of worn out black nail polish and black rubber boots with chunky heels and some old leather coat, 'rockers style' but if I could mix it up? Black lace in a cocktail dress and some arm-warmers in black satin perhaps?

twilight fashion trend

The release date for the Movie Twilight was in general November-(New Zealand was 26 of December 2008)so the Movie has been running for a while but I haven't actually seen it, I went surfing around yesterday thinking about a comment that Paris Hilton made about the main-character and hunky guy, she said something like,'I have to meet That guy!': Robert Pattison-22 years from England and he is already made a name for himself.

To break it down, the Movie is about a teenage girl(Kristen Stewart) that risks everything when she falls in love with a vampire(Robert).

The Director is Catherine Hardwicke and the screenplay is Melissa Rosenberg with Stephanie Meyer as the writer of the novel. I remember looking at a short clip of an interview with her and she said that the characters where so real to her that it was hard to believe that they weren't. Well with this movie they have really come alive and with that the darkness is in the fashion spotlight.



Sorry for english....Very interesting!!!I don't like this movie but this costumes look so fabulous!!!I always think that fashion/wardrobe before late '90 look much better and with style ...whatever which period it is (middle ages or '70).Today... almost everyone look!!Probably I'm vintage girl!!he he...

Hi Malacia! Well, I have to run off to see the movie but I don't expect to much. I love vintage and a 'bit' of gotic, there is always the 'over-doers' where every little detail is black and laced, I preffer a one piece gotic-style garment( like my corsets?) combined with 'boyfriend' jeans 09-style and mix it up a little..Always fun getting some comments on the posts, also hearing what you guys think about the Styles that's going on right now and where the trend is heading?
All the best! Alice 

Great post :) I love "gothic" designs and style. It is all so romantic.

I love this blog post and the Tokyo dress. I just made a line of Twilight Gothic Corsages for Paper Demon Jewelry, a Japan-inspired jewelry line on Etsy. Check it out!  

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