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Trade show for your collection

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Trade Show, show-case your label..

I got a request from an Agent (2 days ago) to show case my collection at an event here in New Zealand, Wellington. I said: I'll give it some thought, and ever since I have been struggling with an inner stress and lots of questions, can I do it and have enough to show case and be ready for it in only 3 weeks..?How to make a clothing collection in india

As a silent promise (I gave my myself 1 week) to come up with the right materials and promo stuff. Either be there a and look professional or skip it entirely.

trade show wall hanging

I decided that I wanted a wall display and design some kind of "give away", a bag and perhaps even pens? I have been sending my Labels away for quotes and this is one of the designs that a company made for me, perfect to use in a shop or for a trade show, it's a sticker! So I have decided to see if I can come up with anymore materials, then I might join the Trade Show..

Have you been selling your products at a Trade Show? Is there anything special that I need to think of?

Here is a some stickers that I'm working on, I was thinking that I could by a bulk of paper bags and then put stickers on them as a trade show give away. I have looked into producing fabric/cotton bags with prints but the quantities is soo large, saying that I can get them for as little as 0.63 US/bag incl print. But for a small order, like 40 bags they will cost me 10-18 US/bag..not an optimal price for a give-away. So paper bags seems like a good option. These stickers I have to 'tea stain' to make vintage looking, they way I want them to be but they will cost 1.80 US (for the small plain one) and 2.50 US for the large flowery one..hmm..need to give this some thought.

trade show stickers

Love to hear what you think about trade show materials?/ Alice

I haven't visited your site for a while and oh my god, there are a lot of new interesting and beautiful things here! Absolutly love you hats! And I like the first sticker with the lovely pattern. Just curious, what does the V stand for? Anyway, you know I love your work. Keep it up!

Hi Alexandra!
So wonderful to see you here..!!Your the best and one of my engines to actually all keep it up:-)You should see my latest Victorian samples that are being created in my livingroom at the moment:-)Once somethings done, youll be the first to know!
V stands for Vera..since I got married I changedmy name and with that also my brand, since Smith is soooo common:-)I had to style it up a little and what better then to use my middle name from great grandmother Vera..I could probably call myself Alice Vera Smith..but how long is that:-)..I see that you have jewelry up? I am curious, do you make them yourself? Also, Have you seen my new book? xx Alice, ps. talk soon/please stop by again:-)
Again! Alexandra, your my best!

I see, Alice Vera is a beautiful name. Yes, long names can be tricky... I know, people never get my name right (Alexandra Drotz Ruhn).
Your book??!! No, I haven't seen it?! Where can I see it?
Yes, my jewlery site is my big hobby and I make them myself. I have always been kind of "pysslig" and I love to have another way of beeing creative than my work as an acress/artist. I am planning to take photos for the website and I am definitely using my "Alice V Smith" garments! I hope you don't mind? I'll send you the pictures when I get it done!
Yes, I'd love to hear all the news! I'll be checking your blog!
All the best!

Hi Alexandra..
Shouldn't it be getting really late in Sweden right now?:-) I am so happy to hear that you like my clothes and that you wear them, please keep on wearing them lots!!I am having so many new ideas for my NEW collection and have started making wraps and shawls in vintage styles a la Victorian with pom poms and a new beautiful label,'ll be the very first to know!
I have also written a book about my travels, How I made my first collection and really useful tips, all in 89 pages..I actually read it 'again' just from a customer perspective and found it really intriguing and helpful..It's all about inspire others to just 'go get it' and that it's all possible without a large budget or any fancy programs, a pen and a paper, a good idea and a way we go:-)I see you've started yourself, that is really great!!Ps. have a look at the book and if you decide to buy it I would love to use your feedback and story on both Hot Cake Fashion and Make it Fashion and perhaps you want to be interviewed by me, I am right now actually doing a separate book about Designers of different ages, different clothes and accessories (have 8 so far..planning to fill it up to about 10) Here is my Guide or Book:
Alice's Make it Fashion
I actually already had a reader from Sweden, Marie that are starting her own Baby-Cloths brand and she is very happy about my Guide, in fact she told me that she stayed up until 2 o clock at night reading it';-)
Lots of Love/Alice

Alice! Haha, yes, it was really late in Sweden... I read about your book. It seems to be so interesting and complete! I would love ro take a look at it, I'm sure it's inspiring! Unfortunatley I don't have the money to buy a book just for fun since I'm unenployed. I'm going throu a tough period right now. I have work coming up later on, but that doesn't help me right now...
Oh well, I'm going out to meet some friends in a bar now, wearing your green vest!

Amazing nice collection of trade show!Trade shows are a great place to meet and interact with many people. An attractive trade show display will lead more people to the booth.

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