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Tie and Dye Jeans, Leggings and other hot stuff

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tie and dye

Fergie knows how to combine it, perfect summer outfit/contrast with an orange belt, hit or miss?

tie and dye

tie and dye

Yes, I finally had a whole day of shopping, running around in the sunshine checking out both window-displays and the latest stuff filling the hangers. With new energy and inspiration I found the most recent trend scattered between different brands in different stores, well spread out:

tie and dyetie and dye

Balmain's Autumn Collection, I haven't mention the Shoulder pad spotted trend but I'm (to be totally honest) not really into it, perhaps still trying to shake off the 80's shoulder trend, way to much but in this case I have to admit that the shoulders create a nice shape and soft look in the dress!

tie and dye

The Tie and Dye is like suger in a coffee and it feels fun spotting it between the timid 'new arrivals'. So it's a fact, the hippies has been right the whole time? Well, it's not about the big sized t-shirts with a 'growing' circle in the middle, not the Tie and dye that I experienced in the 90's when a chain store called : Indiska revolted with hippie batik and we all searched for blue round John Lennon look alike sunglasses and wanted to sing: anyone who's been there?) That was called The Grunge a la 90's rebellian, but this cute accessoar effect is another coin. It's worn and torned out jeans as the biggest trend will be wearing this as a singel item combined with clean singel colored tops and not look crazy in any way. Leggings, jeans and some boho tunics and silky dresses for this summer and I have already grabbed my own tie and dye piece, I've added it below..

tie and dyetie and dye

The fabolous looking top thats now proud arrival in my wardrobe..


Hey thanks for your comment, I've added you to my blogroll. Those second tie-die jeans look cool, I fancy some leggings though. Maybe a future DIY...

 Hi KB!

Yeah agree with the leggings, it's way easier to experiment with a pair of spotty leggings rather than feeling mega large in a really pale pair of jeans with perhaps 'spots' on the wrong places, I'm going to source some nice leggings and present them here, well that is if I get my hands on some batik-looking ones..

I have added your link as well! Resources page, all the best and lot's of love!


Hi :-)

Thanks for stopping by. I'd love to swap links and have added you to my blog list.

 Hi Black patent stilettos!

I had a look at your site, looks really nice..had a quick look at Miss Canada and love the wedding hair dues..makes me want to have a reason to dress up and put pearls in curls..

I have added your link to my site/resources page and so a warm welcome to Hot Cake Fashion!

Take care, cheers!


Hi Alice!!!

Of course I'd love to swap links with you AND you're a fellow 'kiwi' too!!! Even though I've been sneaky and read your bio.... hehe.

I think Fergies accent with the orange belt is a hit THIS SEASON. Come next and people will be crying out in protest!!! haha Fashion is so fickle but this is why there is style :)

Nice meeting you tooooooooooo! :)


I would kill to get the Balmain look.
Thanks for the comment!

Rachel Bilson is the cutest thing ever. I love her bangs!

Oooh, I love these! I've been wanting a pair of tie-dye jeans for a while, but I don't know where I can get a pair and I'm way too scared to dye them myself!! Fergie's look is definitely a hit, the blue and the orange look fantastic together.

Hi Halie!

So happy to have you here..yes it can be a bit tricky to find the right ones, I know that Levis have a pair..I'll keep my eye out for something nice on the net..If anyone stopping by know where we all can get a pair of tie and dyes this spring/summer please give us a tip:-)

When it comes to tie and dye, can be a bit of a gamble experimenting on your favourite jeans, I have heard abour Tie and Dye parties?Atleast you would be in good company. A hot tip is try it out on a pair of leggings or a ripped old t-shirt, no multi colors, better off using one tone..

Lots of Love

ive just finished a quick collection using coffee and bleach and some of my inspiration was bleached denim, i'm wondering whether i found two of the images off your blog? mmm.

 Hi Anabele!

What beautiful pictures and drawings you have on your blog, I have just added you to my girl inspiration blogs on the resources page..Love to swap so I'm running on your site as well.

Really fun hearing that you are using Coffee to stain your clothes and do you bind the coffee so it's lasting a wash? Would love to know how you do it..

All the best and really warm welcome to Hot Cake Fashion!

Cheers Alice

Well, I'd rather a return to this 60s trend than a return to shoulder pads! Those things are ridiculous. I'm kinda on the fence about the tie-dye pants, but I do love that tie-dye dress - it looks so floaty and pretty!

Btw, would you be interested in exchanging links? :)

 Hi Missy..

Thanks for your comments, I love the way you write and think..Lindseys golden age and I agree on the jeans, been there and done it with no great sucess so I'll stick to my tie and die tops and tanks instead and keep using my rolled up rightly worn out boyfriend jeans to go with it, more rips and torns isn't going to see my behind for a while. I'm currently totally in the fisherman, half shortened and sun bleached cotton capris and my ones goes super with camel leather slip ins and a grandpa top, unbuttened, cream white and with a suntan..well working on the last bit.

Would love to swap links, you have already been added so please go in to my resources page and copy the link there and then send a little notice here or on my email: hotcakefashion(@)

Lots of Love and welcome!


Hi there. I make & sell my own dyed jeans. I was after a pair for myself so I mucked around and finally got exactly the look I wanted. Very similar to Fergies. I uploaded shots onto my facebook and now I have orders keeping me busy.... The jeans are gorgeous. :-) happy to make more if anyone needs ? They are skinny leg...

Hi there..
I got curious about your jeans'skinny fit, tie&dye' design, for free a pair of jeans I am willing to be bribed into submitting an article with a direct link here on hot me through my contact me page or simply add something below if your interested..
Lots of love!

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