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Shopping in Bangkok, Thailand. Day 2

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Found a knitted Ed Hardy sweater, cozy style for lazy nights
or wearing jeans shorts and rubber boots in chilly summer nights..

Some finds for friends..

Some might state that it's clean cut, grey and beige..
grandpa buttons, silky fabrics mixed with rough cotton.
Yes but of course, then again mixing a cute colorful hoodie
with black leggings and a 'washed out-vintage looking'
tunic underneath, I say just go for it.

So I'm in Bangkok, well that might not a 'shocker' after my blog post from yesterday but anyways;-). This is my third visit in just 9 months and now I finally feel a little bit more at home, knowing the right ways to mingle around between the narrow streets and checking the 'right' malls out.

One of my definite Favourites by far is MBK, that is if your into clean big facilities, less bargain buys but still haggeling and mix and match of computer wiz gadjets to knitted boho tunics as if taken from the latest magazines. It might not come off as the paradise of the knowledgable fashionistas but I like it just because of that reason, it's different, if it's not stating that 'we are so trendy' this is a place where you have to look for your pearls, hunt for them and perhaps fight for them. I like shopping at 'somewhat disoriented neonsigned' places because it's a total challenge, it's not served on a plate. So there you go, MBK is a barbie doll temple but if you look close enough and dig really deap you can find some really good stuff. There is also a excellent little tourist office outside (the woman gave me this map).

So here I'm running around checking what clothes to buy and who might want them (late christmas gifts)not even time wondering about my wardrobe. I took these pictures yesterday, I soo wished I could photograph the window displays inside, you might have had a heartattack seeing all that was on display, beautiful clothes..but I had to hide it all signs said no, beeing happy that I used it outside and at all..I'm heading out again tomorrow and promise to take some more photos, bringing inspiration to all you fashionlovers. 

Some more knits..

Typical after sun frenzy, from lazying around under a palmtree for a few weeks of bliss people tend to go a bit crazy when arriving in Bangkok waiting for the next 'not so longed for' plainride back home.

Maybe Bangkok is just a big 'comfert-zone' not in the meaning that it is comfertable but that we all in a way comfort ourselves knowing that we will work our butts off to pay for this so wanted tropical holiday and that we don't really want to go home, start wearing three layers of clothing and spend most of our days inside.


Siam Shopping complex, one of many..




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