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Pretty Purple..Do I want to wear it for New Year?

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Picture Maree photographer. Below, this pretty dress if from: Alice + Olivia's Colette Bouqette skirt dress is really to 'die for', only a size 6 left and on sale..


Alice + Olivia Purple dress


He said I look like a nun wearing it!

The only dress I own is a cotton stripe?.. would getting a new design solve world hunger or add some peace to continents,'s totally superficial! But the fact is,.I am tired of combining skirts with a blouse, wraps with a long tunic and play around with grandma's old sequins..nope, this year I am going hard out on dresses. Maybe it's an age thing but I want to enjoy this body while it lasts flaunting some color in another toss and turn of the year. I want to be dressed in a piece that oozes 'ME'..With a wardrobe complete with cozy basics and a few sparkle wraps it's time to advance towards the cocktail department. I did buy a striped maxi dress while in Australia, I loved husband hates it (he thinks I look like one of those Christian ladies in a multi married community, like Jehovas or something) With that said, it's been hanging in the wardrobe (way back) hidden from the world ever since he mentioned it..What to wear then? Well, I have actually set my mind on that creamy velvet dress that I mentioned in my previous post but then something happened. I am a bridesmaid in January and a dinner party is coming up and then another many dresses do I need? As a wonderful excuse I came up with the idea of having 3 stunning dresses, that could be my christmas gift? What do you think about the purple colored one from Alice + Olivia or the littlbe bit cleaner designed one from See by Chloe below?


Plum colored dress that can be used for any occassion really, add a scarf like one of the photos suggest and voila! it's a perfect dress for a stroll on the town, add a suit jacket and you can wear it for work..that's things I say to motivate my purchase:-)oh what a pretty plum purple mmm..well have a look at it yourselves See by Chloe Strapless zipper dress..


This is that lovely dress that I mentioned above, from Alice + Oliva's collection, but there is planty of more dress designs in this similar style. I have found a multi layered 'bandeau' style dress in cream that would be lovely for New Years and you can get it sent to you in as little as 3 days! Alice + Olivia long sleeve Goddess dress




On Sale, but only a XS left, damn it..well, I can't have all these dresses, I only need one for New Years but with a cream velvet dress already planned I am officially confused. If your interested in it I have linked to it here: Torn by Ronny Kobo, Roberta Storm Dress


 xoxo Alice

My favorite is def. the Chloe!

Hi Laura..okay, a tulip shaped dress with a classic fit in a deep plum is probably the best choice for someome like me, not owning a single party garment (does my wedding dress count:-)Thanks for your comment..did you see it combined with a scarf, it's a really diverse garment..xoxo Alice

Purple is one of my all-time favorite colors. These dresses are so beautiful! I especially love the Chloe one. xo

I absolutely love the Chloe zipper dress. It's so chic and simple, exactly my style. Thanks for stopping by my blog and sorry for the late reply, i've been a bit ill. I've added you to my blogroll :)

xoxo Hermine

Hermine, thanks for stopping by..
I think the Chloe one is in a current lead and a great basic dress that I can wear for many different occassions, so there we go, a Tulip shaped dress works! I have added your link now:-Big Hugs Alice

I don't know if a stranger's opinion matters :) but can I make shout for Chloe?
I find myself gravitating towards purple things lately too. Hmm I wonder if there's a conspiracy theory somewhere :D.
Anyway, have fun in that Chloe dress ... have you bought it already?

Hi 'Rin'..I am soo happy for your comment:-)ha ha..yes, it's a hidden agenda, someone's leading us toward garden hues like minty green and shades of purple..I am making labels for my brand at the moment and dusky lavender is on my mind along with raspberry notes and blueberry..mmm, it all makes me really hungry now:-)

I haven't bought it yet, shame on me, but as I had a look at the size range (got tempted to just go for it) was only avaliable in size 40 ++ that's a smaller Large, I'm happy to call myself a M. I have invested in a long sleeve (kind of burnout) velvet dress, this one and it will pop up in the mail box any day now:-)

velvet derss

I bought it before the additional mark down, (damn it) :-you can now buy it for 131.60 US!!All sizes still avaliable as I looked..You have to see the detailing in the velvet up close (more pictures here) Dolce Vita Cami Velvet Dress...

You're right! I love the geometric detail. Definitely something you have to see up close to appreciate it. I'm sure you'll have fun wearing this.
By the way thanks for stopping by Frosty Mint and leave a comment. I hope you'll have a spanking Christmas and New Year :).

Love that 1st picture! That 3rd dress is beautiful. Too bad there is only an xs left....

Hopefully you will get something equally as gorgeous! :)SarahD

I love love love the first purple dress! I think purple is a fabulous color to ring the new year in with!

Yeah..that has been my fav the whole time, just love 'bandeau' dresses and the kind of ripped and torned romantic look, it's however only an XS left, which is opposite pot luck really..I have a new eye pen (Clinique) creamy and it would be pretty to match them both. Will see if I find any lavender notes. There is plenty of nline shops offering as little as next day delivery (within US) and for the rest of us around 1-3 days which still gives me a little time:-)Merry Christmas, Big Hugs! Alice

Hi Sarah!
Thanks for your comment, I know, the first choice is not really a 'choice' anymore with the odd size of XS,. in some unique (hold my stomach in) I can squeeze in to a S but not smaller then that..great to get some feedback on the fit and the model tough. Will keep looking:-)xx and Merry Christmas! Alice

This is tooooo pretty!!

I love the colours and how china like her face looks :)

Char x

absolutely preety purple...that's my fave color. gorgeous

This is really pretty! I love the flowers and the colors! I like the violet and pinks used. Hope you have a great christmas and new years! Thanks as always for your lovely comments and I just put the banner back up :)

Ha ha..thanks, I didn't mean to push you;-)I just loved seeing that pretty little box on the banner of yours. Thanks for the comment..I love those flowers and all the different shades of purple. pink and creamy whites..actually a bit similar to the idea of my new Clothing Collection, I have ordered the final swatches today so I can realx and have some days of this Christmas..then it's full on sewing once it all arrives:-)Big Hugs and Hope to follow each other in the year to come..xoxo Alice

Definitely go with purple! One of my favorite colors! Love your blog! XX!

Little Blue Deer..such a cute name for a blog by the way:-)I'll hit the Boxing Day sale today to search for something purple, these dresses doesn't come in my size:-(so the hunt will be on. Lucky that I got so many pretty accessories to pair a dress up with though. Have a great New Year and look forward to following you in 2011, Big Hugs! Alice

So beautiful!

I'm just stopping by to say Happy New Year sweet, your the best and have a great holiday..xx

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