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Polka dots, Pin up Girls and red shoes!

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They rock with highwaist skirts, corsets and red shoes, the match made in heaven and I'm wondering, why am I not one of them?..

polka dots red shoes 

photo from

So it's Wednesday and I have just encountered a stingray, a black beast with floppy wavy wings and white stomach now and then showing in the blue sea. First excited with my smalling scrawny fishing rod and then half terrified, I don't want to be dragging that up out of the sea? A new fishing friend of ours recommended eating it but staying the f..k out of it's tail.

pin up red shoes

Well, fishing is one thing but a beast slaughter is another and I'm perfectly happy feeling some nibbles without actually dragging any monster up. It's the whole experience, close to the storming sea, sun in my face and sand between the toes.

This last fishing project I might call it turned out to be anything but success, my boyfriend broke the rod when trying to pull out of some monstrous weed and I cut my toes tippy toeing between super sharp mussels and other sea creatures growing on the coral rocks. Then after the rod broke and I'd tried to fish for it we tried a new style, small rod now broken but more fish on it, that ended up being eaten by a hungry seagull that then got caught in the hook, we reeled the screaming bird in and saved it from hooks and snares (no fishes biting) then I suddenly felt something, it was a humongous crab hanging on my squid bate..

 polka dot

The modern pin up Kathy Perry, lovely mix of polka dots!





This is hours and hours of fishing and freezing, cuddling up on the wet rocks in the middle of nowhere and just longing for that hot shower that is non existing since we are camping..This is my Wednesday, so now roughly cleaned off and while caring for my wounded toes I surfed around on the Internet, indulging in the bliss of wearing high heels, red is a must and a slick sexy high waist skirt with polka dots! Have found myself really loving the Pin up style lately, as seen perhaps on my blogpost, I might start working on a new line simply under the name pin ups since they are so lovely, Megan Fox..if you ever want to model for my line, your more than welcome..



Lot's of love from Alice in New Zealand

Katy Perry is so adorable. She is the ultimate modern-day pin-up girl. Perhaps Dita Von Teese is a contender as well?

Alice, vilka härliga fjäderpjäser i förra inlägget!
Hoppas allt är bra med dig! Jag läser om dina äventyr här, låter så kul! Jag vet inte om du har tid att kolla FB, lämnade ett medd. där. Jag undrar om ni kommer på bröllopet, ni har inte osat? Det vore så roligt:) Låt mig veta så fort som möjligt och ge Ross en kram från mig!
Ta hand om dig sålänge.

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