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Baby shower outfit, get a Pink Stitch's Maxi Dress...

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A few weeks ago I got an invitation to a school event called Tauranga Girl’s School Fashion Parade which is a yearly event of what the local fashion stores has to offer. The girls get sponsored on the day by shops who want to be seen and recognised and in return proud parent's and other lovers of fashion and entertainment get to enjoy themselves for a few hours.  

With two tickets in my mail-box I started to gear up on what to wear for the evening. As I was pretty pregnant back then too I decided to cover up with a Maxi Dress of some sort, a pair of FREEBIRD by Steven, phoenix low dipped booties in a bluish slightly sea-foam toned dye. And then just pair that with some dramatic earrings like the ones I’ve recently fallen in love with in a raw cut sort of flint stone look from Serefina. So the outfit was done and I was ready to add some charcoal ‘smoke-eyes’ and neutral lipstick and head out the door when the friend I was going with called in sick. So there I was, in the floatiest of maxi dresses that I got from One by, a Resort Maxi Dress from One by Pink Stitch in black. I had my hair done and earrings gently attached just to find myself thinking ‘is it worth going there alone?’…Nah, not the huffing and puffing with my growing stomach and slightly swollen ankles all for the sake of a girls school glam event, I had to stop myself at some stage.

After that 'lack of an evening' the dress had neatly been hung in the await that something else worth the effort comes along before my due date. Last night was definitely that kind of event, a last minute and slightly surprised Baby Shower that had been arranged for me and my soon to be expected son. My friend had called my husband a few days earlier to plan the whole thing into a surprise but he accidently and all well meant played the message out load while we were eating lunch. We both had laughed as she said on the phone “I’d like to plan a surprise for Alice…” while he panicked tried to shut the phone of between pasta and meatballs bouncing all over the place. Awh well, with the surprise element out of the way I got a good shot of wearing the dress again, and what a lovely sway and swagger it had. Now I just have to have a cream one and wear it for the next fun thing coming our way.


xxx Alice

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Nice evening dress!They're so comfy and they look nice! I especially love the one on the top! Absolutely lovely!. looks awesome

When you are pregnant, wearing maxi type dress is always a good idea. This is comfortable at that. Very good content. Thanks. Glad reading it.

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