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Peg Leg Pants aka Carrot Pants

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Peg Legs, Cigarette pants, OH Pants, Harem Pants, Dhoti, Drainpipes, MC Hammer Style! A love child has many names..

peg leg pants peg leg pant

Katharine Hepburn in the right style/photos from flickr

I think of brave women pilots in the 20's and 30's hopping in the aircraft dressed in leather jackets and knee high leather boots or jodphurs, the slick hat and then those high waist slightly creased pants in a khaki shade with skinny fit by the ankles, was it due to the boots?

The fashion designers has picked it up for real and it seems like all the big names are using one or at least two pairs in their Autumn collection, Chloe went full out between puffy swim togs look alike and round shaped coats for Summer 09. The pants goes under other most known and used names like Carrot Pant, or 'Riding pants' but not to the riding pants fullest extreme with somewhat emphasize on the wider hips.

peg leg pantspeg leg

Photos from Flickr

The pant comes and many shapes and sizes and is a mix between 'MC Hammers Harem Pant" with a well known 'drop crotch' but also better manured 'cuffed up and casual chic' peg legs making it fit any fancier party.

peg leg pantspeg leg pants

Photos from Flickr/vintage goes new..

The sun has arrived and I'm pumped with new energy, and with that keen to go through the new seasons arrivals, what's hot and not? Flipping through magazines and sipping latte, my first latte in weeks and really enjoying being in a 'city like' environment from my days in the bush. Being a bit surprised how keen girls are to dress up, wearing high heels and dresses and then glancing down on my worn out carpenter pants and grandpa shirt, then again I should be happy being taking out from days of wearing brand suits and high heels and then rushing home in the snow storm from another delayed bus, quick tv dinner while rubbing my sore feet to then fall asleep waiting for another one just like the previous one..the wheel..even tough my days in the

peg legpeg leg pant

Kookai harem/peg style pants and right Asos Harem pants photo from:

Fashion Store is long gone I can't help missing it sometimes, I would have been the first one grabbing those Peg Legs combining it with a tucked in white cotton blouse and a tailored vest, why not make an own 'Oliver Twist kind of look'..well that was then..

Lots of Love


Those pictures from are cute; but I still can't embrace this style. I just don't like it.

 Hi Fashionista!

I agree that the style is a bit 'everyone has been spotted at some stage wearing these outfits' in less flattering ways that is, bodyshapes may wary and with a pair of 'wobbely' looking over-sized pants it could be the opposite from right and chic looking.

What I'm after is more of Hepburn style pants and every pair of old jeans and linen trouser that I own is now 'rolled up' and combined with ribbed grandpa tops and my fav camel leather jandals. It may not pass as the hottest in town but I'm all for looking casual 'don't care' but combine look and of course highly smitten by the old fisherman style a la Sicily Italy..they know how to roll and wear somewhat sunbleached navy cotton pants, love it..

Thanks for stopping by..lot's of love!


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