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Shopping Online, keeping it real or? One dollar for one dollar value"?

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china wholesaler

china wholesaler

Cheap Clothes Online or not, that is the question..Pictures of 2 pair of cute 'puffy' shorts that I recently bought online from an online shopping site, and this pictures shows the real samples contra the 'fashion photos supplied at the Online shopping website"

china wholesaler

I am pretty happy with them eventough you have to take 'supplied wholesaler photos' with an inch of salt. The samples are made in a few categories, the cheapest and lowest quality is the garments made from Magazines pictures(copies of other chinese brands). I have made a little guide for anyone that wants to try it the rest below..

china wholesaler

Picture from the online store..

china wholesaler

Received samples..(lace felt a bit budget and the t-shirt fabric was thin and size xxs)

china wholesaler

Tunic blouse online..

china wholesaler

The received sample..pretty okay, a bit small but the lace feels genuine and vintage looking which I liked. Except some minor threads and some loose ends the samples looked pretty nice. The only thing is knowing what you pay for.

Here is a short guide

If you choose Product Model Numbers with prefix FT besides them the garments that are previewed is real objects, pictures taken of the so called real sample.

Magazine Products with prefix CO, KA, LY, SHA or QIAN is mid leverl products and lots of factories in China are producing clothes based on these Magazine pictures but the actual objects don't always match, especially the colors. They are considered to be low quality.

If you are expecting high quality you should go for prefix like HAN,SG,JVI and High Class Japan Korea TTDRESS and the TOS series that has better controls.

Saying this, different shopping sites has different options and some don't have the mentioned prefixes. Just remember when buying from an online store you sometimes have to order a minimum of 2 pcs and a minimum of total 12, this is just a way for the wholesalers to protect the middle man that might be selling these garments in their own smaller online stores in one by one pcs.

I tried 3 different companies just to compare shipping, price and quality and so far pretty happy. The parcels arrived within the promised time frame between 7-10 days providing tracking number through EMS so it was easy to follow the parcel and having paypal as a payment option the whole procedure was pretty is some more pictures, this wrap top came with a belt that was broken and the size was a too small, note that the free sizing mentioned is often xs-small with often shorter sleeves. Good to have that in mind.

china wholesalerchina wholesaler


Good Luck girls..xx Alice


I don't usually like shorts, but those puffy shorts remind me of vintage bloomers - I want them. Great find! :)

I love the shorts. what a great find. They are so unique and very vintage looking. They are a great summer staple.

Hi Chickdowntown!

Thanks for your comment, yes isn't the shorts lovely..It's my newest addition to the closet and have already managed to successfully combine them with knee length leggings and a knitted lacy looking cardigan. At first glimpse it actually looks like a puffy miniskirt without the hassle of bending down to reveal more than you perhaps like..I might wear them with curly hair, high heels and go for that vintage shirley temple look..

alice fashion

Always great to have you here..lots of love!


Before I became an website owner I shopped on line. The key to online shopping is a great return policy. Whether you like it, it is damaged, for whatever reason the product should be able to be returned...full money back guarantee.

Hi Sohoaccessories!

I agree, I should (as a customer) get my money back? well atleast meet half way.

Then again, in someway the seller needs to be protected as well since the customer receiving the samples sometimes might break it themselves or complain about, fit, size or other mishaps which is hard to prove who's done it? it's a bit : from case to case, depending on the total amount of the order and in which way the compaint is made.

I haven't got a reply back from the Wholesaler and after emailing a second time I just received an automized reply saying that I sould read asked questions on replies on the website, then again..reading doesn't do me any good, I would like to show off the broken belt and solve it with a physical person..

Anyways, they are the ones missing out on another order and good customer:-)..

Thanks for your comment/welcome to Hot Cake Fashion..

fashion blog


xx Alice

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