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Nude Colored Clothes in a fairytale fashion..

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Nude is Champagne, beige and in for this season!

fairytale fashion

Love the rings and the nude/bare tones..more inspiration below:-)

I am totally absorbed and devoted to making my new job work. Not just work but also exceed and prove myself. I guess I have been hit by a mild case of first week jitters..I am enjoying myself and love the fact that I'm not stuck with a mean boss, no weird mood swings and no 'bitches' lurking in the background. Can it be?

So I humbly ask myself the question,is it possible that I have a job where everyone is genuinely nice? Well, after 3 weeks I think it is, finally I might add after job jumping between one mean boss after another..In the meantime I am finding ways to get inspired for my next darling and purchase for the closet. A pair of nude colored shoes and a plisse shirt, perhaps something like: Fairytale fashion..I am under the influence that nude is color of choice no matter what occasion..:-)

nude colored jessica simpson shoes

Jessica Simpson Nude Colored pumps..

nude colored dress

nude colored dress sakaguchi

Shakuhachi 195 US Dollar at:
<!--eof Product Name-->A nude color dress with black fringe shoulders. The garment has a keyhole slit on collar with button closure and belt loops with detachable matching belt. Contains very thin shoulder pads.


Where do you buy your Nude colored clothes? If you have any recommendations, great if you could share:-)


xx Alice


Hey Alice! I adore that first dress and her rings- tooo rad!

x ws x

The first dress is just amazing !!! Very inspirationnal.

I love the nude trend!
I loved that Vogue shoot aswell!
Great blog!
Tomorrow x

Love the first photo, it's so fiercely modern, yet soft, which is the great thing about using nude tones. Can't get enough of this trend!

I love Nude too! It is so sexy and sophisticated right now.

I like the first dress except for the big sleeves. If it had smaller sleeves it would be really cute. I don't wear nude that often but I think I may try to incorporate it into my wardrobe a little more now. BTW, congratulations on finding a job that you can stick with and like.

A Girl in first photograph looks gorgeous!

I like that winter suit in the first picture. It looks very beautiful and dates back to the 50's fashion. I must say that nude color may only seem pretty on selective skin colors and not all. Jessica Simpson's nude color pumps are irresistible, they are so chic and must have in the wardrobe.

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