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New Years and what to Wear? 2011

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Make it a Happy New Year Girls..

cork up the champagne and make this one to remember..


But wait a minute, to get the best out of the New Year you also want to feel the best, looking great is feeling great so get ready for some inspiration.

If you have any fun storys about do's and dont's when it comes to partydresses or just partys feel free to start typing:-)

what to wear for new year 2011 ?

Starting off with safe choices for New Year!

I picked up some goodies:

1.Qlty of fabrics, Satin is no one (if you have some issues of both bum or waistline just by a pair of stockings with support, great for anyone who want's that right feeling and not be bothered about access fat or panyline's showing..

2. Corset, great garment that can easily be worned heaps of times due to the mix and match..I mean, who says a blingy exclusive corset doesn't go great with ripped jeans? Best choice for New Years is a High Waist skirt, kneelength to get that right 20's look.

3.Go for safe and sexy black with red lipstick

4.Tired of not getting the looks, well let black hang in the wardrobe for next event and get your hands on some metallic tones..Why not Champagne or Antique Silver?

5.Accessories, why not have fun with the details? Old over-sized brosch, "maffia hat" or leather gloves. Everything in the same design as an old Victorian Chandelleur will go amazingly..

6.Soft curls and once again, red lips and your a real hot cake:-)

7.Sequins, in all shapes and forms..had a look at Wivienne Westwoods Birthday Collection, really cute sequin baskers..a over-sized tuxedo jacket is by far the best! 

So Guys..everything that glitters is worth bringing back to life, why not colours like Champagne Gold, brass or antique is the Sex&City girls, blinging it up like it's New Years everyday..

Great colours and sexy drapings, don't forget to look for 
fabrics rather then actual design. 
The fabrics this year is light weight and shiny..
for the skimpy wallet skip pure satin but pls avoid 
too much of the poly/satin with (poly) as the biggest threat. 
You'll sweat in a dress like that and no deoderant in the world 
would be a merciful resquer.

Squeeze it in girls and push e'm up, if you want hit 
the spirit of "party-get the looks-and feel like a princess"
a corset is a great choice..if you feel "too fancy" it's easy to
dress down by wearing it with a pair of worn-out 
jeans and high heels..

Catharine Zeta Jones
You don't have to be a size zero to squeeze
into a sexy will hide the most unwanted
parts and the corset will "straighten" the most relluctant tires..
Great tips!

Here is some more great pic of mixed celebs going to party's, we are talking red carpet once's and that by horse length be compared to a New Years eve for you, for sure..we all want to be a cinderella for atleast one night per year so feel free to splurge this year and here are some great inspiration..

You go girls! Sex&City cast looking like a million dollar..

Bring Antique Silver, brass or Champagne Gold to 
life and with "more dress", less accezories..

Jennifer looking great in satin dress..


Why not mixed up, not the dress girl?

You could look

as ready for a New Year in this as Jennifer, don't forget

to make an extra effort in hair and details to get the right



Have fun with the details, a "maffia" hat and black leather gloves when combining it with a corset..?

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