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New Trend Metallic Leggings in Sequin Gold Latex

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Leggings in Sequin, Latex and Metallic + shorts on top= is it True?

shorts and leggingsgold leggings

Sequin Leggings and the popular Gold Leggings from American Apparel, for the skinny girl?Photo :Marcio Madeira/ and nitro:licious, then there is Jeggings as well, for more hot or not on that check out: jeggings-legging-fashion-autumn-09

leggings with shorts

Alexander Wang knows how to work the leggings with chunky high heels and rolled up over-sized shorts, just a great look!

gold metallic leggings

Examples on different Metallic leggings for spring, my fav pic is the somewhat extra shiny silver leggings to the right.

metallic leggings

Here you go girls, perhaps not for the timid but everyone should at least try a pair of black 'shiny' leggings for a party this spring-summer (it will last autumn as well)-09

Leggings stayed, who knew? For the girls born in the 80's we called them tights and they came in prints and different lengths and by the end of the 90's they where OUT! Now it's leggings and it can't be any hotter, it's wide spread and it's not just black and safe cotton, Ashley sisters created leather-latex leggings and after that it's sequin, and for this year Gold, and all that Shines!

I'm back by the computer from a 2 day road trip and a chilly night under a wind stopper by Makara beach, just outside Wellington, I slept under a piece of 'cover' on the back of a Ute..That's how we do it in New Zealand, making it rough but what a way to really appreciate a warm bed and a hot shower afterwards. So, back in Ashhurst and soon hitting the roads again but not on the back of a Ute this time, we have an 'Ambulance' , yes a real Ambulance fully kitted with double bed and cute drapes, it's a redecorated vintage one that I already named 'Daisy' the new companion for a longed for Road Trip.

While spending some  time inside (and in a much warmer facility, yes lovely but still wearing my fav socks that I bought in the Himalaya's, so warm..) I surfed around on the Internet while sipping on my coffee and planning for how and when the collection is going to show up here. I found heaps of photos of stylish skinny models wearing nothing but leggings and ripped jeans shorts on top. Clearly a new trend a worth a little Spotlight at Hot Cake. So here girls, kit up with a pair of black leggings and ripped shorts this spring/summer. 

leggings and shorts

Rock and roll, ripped and torned and layers on layers, really cute mixing heavy knits and cotton.

Finally: There is also heaps of cute prints and sequin (for those brave enough to do 'that shorts combination')otherwise it's a great compliment with an over-sized shirt!,see pic...what do you think? Great to hear a comment on it.




Thanks fro dropping by...
You have sweet corset collections! I love them! :D
Sure we can exchange links.. here's mine:

Keep them coming!

i love this part about shiny leggings! ever since i saw lykke li at the woody awards wearing sparkly leggings, i have been obessed! so nice to see a post about it! check out my blog!

 Hi Julia!
Thanks for your comment and great Tips! I ended up having a look and got so inspired that it had to be 2 posted Blogs today, he he a bit crazy but that's what happens when your a fashion freak?
Once again, thanks for the Woodie tips and I'll for sure have a look at your Blog. Do you want to swap links? Just email me through the contact page and I'll put you up on my resources page and check it out to get my link as well, just copy and paste.
All the best and thanks for stopping by, for updates and easy to follow, get an Email when I put a new Blog Post up..just click on the RSS Feed in the corner on the page, orange one;-)
Lot's of Love! Alice

I am extremely fond of reading and whenever I got interested in some book, I opened a page and found the book I needed. But as it turned out, in the journals and articles one can sometimes find the info he/she failed to find in the book. Thus can say that from time to time such articles as yours are a very pleasant surprise for me!

Leggings are still in style, lace leggings is my favorite

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