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Need a Clothing Manufacturer?

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Searching a Manufacturer, easy task?

To find a Manufacturer that suits you, that you can trust and that are willing to work in small quantaties? I get a lot of questions from 'new' designers that have the ideas and the talent but it all stops by not being able to grow and Manufacturer the brand..There is a few important things you need to consider before setting off on your big hunt (I've done it myself) read more..

clothing manufacturer

Me in Noida/Delhi a Manufacturer district getting quotes from Sofia, make it fashion guide

First questions that you need to ask yourself:

1. What quantities do I want to Manufacturer in(there is always a First Sample) but after the Sample order, what volumes are you after?

Usually, a 'new' designer needs a Sample order first, then, when that's done you need to go around and show it to different Stockists, Agencies or in Fairs. Once you get orders on the Samples then you put a bulk order in and make the garments..

Well this is not always a reality, in most cases (being a new brand) you will have to Make the entire Order first and risk not selling a single garment and stock everything in your home and then sell it to shops, online or in fairs. The good thing with this system is that you have a Stock on Hand and won't risk loosing any contacts because of a Late Delivery..

So, the best thing is to gamble a bit and Manufacturer the smallest possible order (saying that, the higher quantities the better prices and more profit per garment you will have).

I decided to Manufacturer in India and made a total of 60 pieces, approx 6 pieces in each design. The Manufacturer ask med what Size Assortment I wanted, meaning how should I split the sizes up: I decided: 2 Small, 2 Medium, 2 Large, so that's good to bare in mind as well.

In India it's possible to make smaller orders, but I'v had no luck in China so far, the smallest quantity I 'dealed' my way to was 300 pieces, of ONE would that even be possible, sitting on, for example 300 pieces of one Green dress..Selling it would be a daunting task.

Another Question is: What are you willing to pay?

You need to have a Target Price set, so that the Manufacturer can adjust quality and work according to your Target,the whole thing is a bit of a sensitive matter. If you put the Target price to high they might use that as an opportunity to make some extra money and will simply agree on that high price where is a too low target could make it impossible to even work together. Do some research and note that it comes down to your Fabrics and washes, embossing and detailing. The simpler the garment the cheaper it is.

..while writing this I realize that it's so much more to talk about. I have put together a Guide that tells my whole story about how I did it in India, how you get a Manufacturer and simply where to look. Beleive me, there is so many sites and phonies out there. Start reading it today and I think that you will find it much easier to move ahead and keep working on getting your own brand on the market! You can find the Guide here: Make it Fashion

If you have any questions, never hesitate to send me an email: contact Alice


corset detailing

My corset detailing made in India/embossed with a small chain as an edge, Raw Silk-08/09

Ps.More then welcome to leave a comment below as well..



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