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Good morning readers and visitors... :)

I went on a different walk the other day, not the normal ‘walk on the beach’ as I usually do. Instead I drove down to the Mount (here in Tauranga), I then parked up thinking that I would do an effort to track along Marine Parade. This neatly made up walk-way goes alongside the sea and the million dollar mansions (with views and exterior that by itself competes with the waves) all the way down to the actual ‘Mount’ that is a high shaped beautifully layed out hill connected by a strip of land and between two bright blue coloured bays of water. This walk-way is far from anything like the ones seen in American movies, where people in various stages of being undressed, both make an effort to bike, randomly sing, skate and roller blade. This is a small and humble New Zealand version and is probably about 10 minutes long (and most habitants of this stretch wears Kathmandu fleece jackets and are at a settled 40 plus with kids tagging along, basically it’s a nice little family path, wiggling its way towards a few coffee shops and the famous Copenhagen Cones. So, not many tattoos or wild hair dues, bright coloured clothing or brave anything for that matter while winter and without an over-crowded beach. It will go a bit ‘surf’ styled in the hotter months and even if the actual beach is where most fashionistas can be seen, they do jandal their way up to the cafes and the local dairy for an ice cream or a frothy latte.

Now, back to my walk and what spiked my obsession for mirrored glasses, yes, that’s what I’m getting this season. I wrote a blog post about this type of sunglasses ones I spotted a pair on Sarah Jessica Parker (what feels like ages ago) but back then they were impossible to find and I ended up scrapping the whole idea after spending too much time online basically typing in versions of what I’ve seen.

Here’s the good news, wonderful in fact; now you can choose from basically any pair of mirrored sunglasses, label, look, price tag and in heaps of pretty colours too. From blue hues, metallic silver, copper, gold to tinted red tones. It’s a picker's galore out there!

The ones I’ve sourced in mirrored glasses is a pair of classic Ray-Ban aviators, but I’m contemplating going ‘wide brimmed’ so that I can have them in my hair without having to un-tangle them for a good half hour. The more retro designs with thick frames I’ve found are from Oliver Peoples Eyewear range, but then there’s something more colourful and a bit more wallet friendly from Sheriff&Cherry.


Just to get back to my walk at the ‘Mount’ again, the reason why I mentioned it is that I spotted a surfer dude as best described, wearing a little worn fedora hat, an over-sized t-shirt and a pair of cut-off slim jeans all perfectly paired with, yes the ‘must have and can’t stop thinking about’; mirrored sunglasses. Well, those and a blond highlighting kit plus a suntan. He looked amazing. Just like I would imagine that those sunnies would look when the summer’s here and sand, wind in my hair and sun all goes perfectly, matching and lovingly ‘hand in hand’…xxx Alice 

wow,really very fashionable blog.nice article about mirror sunglasses.i like it very much.:)

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