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midsummer dreams

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Being from Sweden and missing out on midsummer is causing a bit of heart ache and ‘memory lane’ blues. It’s as if the whole year ties a knot on that particular day, drinking and eating, playing kubb and catching up with friends and family while celebrating the summer’s peak (that and some slightly embarrassing dance moves that takes place). The year is otherwise pretty dark and gloomy so this day is very longed for in our Nordic and thawed up spirits.

As I find myself across oceans and more oceans, midsummer has since a few years back now turned into just a date and then that date has been occassionally missed to suddenly being totally forgotten about. The only thing bringing that sting of ‘missing out, wanting to be there’ is my home page on Facebook. I have literally been mail bombed with happy photos of friends eating dill potatoes and cold cut salmon, drinking nubbe shots and tying wild flowers in their hair, not to mention looking slightly suntanned, drunk and obviously smiling. Well cheers right back guys…(that was the bitter streak in me talking)..the better side is truly happy for them all!

Following that free spirit of misty grass in the mornings, pretty dark watered lakes to swim in, the smell of dried herbs under a setting sun and the wild summer winds playing in my curls, one of my favourite labels, Free People and I have made a silent pact. This Midsummer or in the lack of any I’ll keep a bit of bohemian summer in my outfits instead. Yes, okay, it’s a very lukewarm comfort, having a dress up party all by myself but trust me it helps. So, while those smiling friends and family members across the world are dancing and singing around a green leafy pole, I’ll be strutting a braided ‘with love’ vest from Free People accompanied by an infinity choker necklace (to chunky chains interlocked)from serefina

oh, despite being away from it all, I should atleast make the effort of trying to find 7 flowers, climb 7 gates and then put them under my pillow..?

Happy Midsummer out there (whether your celebrating it or not:)! Love/Alice 

The photos are so creative and good. I appreciate the photographer for these great photos. Really love reading the blog too. Keep updating us like this. thanks...

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