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Knitting Magazine the Cover Girls!

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I might have found the reason to naming someone 'The Girl Next Door"

knitting magazine

knitting magazineknitting magazineknitting magazineknitting magazine

Cable Knit when it's at it's best..Just another day in my white cardi leaning against a tree?


Monday and another drizzle outside the window..You must think that I have too much time on my hands and are way to bored to suddenly taking up knitting? No, everything I do is a part of developing and experimenting with my new line and coming collections..ha ha or just an excuse? Today I started digging into the knitting books here in Ashhurst,by the way: it seems like everyone was knitting back then, my mom's generation that is, the 70's and the 80's. How did that whole Era of 'creating and doing it yourself' disappeared? Perhaps it was the fancy-cute little Laptops that replaced it all and now us girls are way more busy creating our own Websites instead..

knitting magazineknitting magazine

The Girl with the big arms, she could wrestle any guy any time, and the woman with bad posture

knitting magazineknitting magazine

The angry mob vs the nosy ones (what are they doing in the bush?)..

knitting magazinesknitting magazine

Knitting Magazines and books that has a Cover that seems to be taken from the backyard? Charming, Yes, Selling, well perhaps no;-)Bare in mind that the audience back then wasn't as spoiled as we are now with exotic destinations, photshoped faces and extrem angles. Anyways, going through these knitting books I found myself filled with excitement and joy, they are so roughly photographed and the models looks either over-styled and stiff or plain and almost sweaty. The Fashion photos reveal people with mood swings and bad hair dues (real people) and it's fun going through it all. Weather it's too much eyeshadow and hairspray or the lack of a good foundation it's nice to see the 'normal ladies' posing on a cover, even if it's not really selling the sweater?..So girls, splurge in Designs and Hot Looks from the past..

knitting magazineknitting magazine

Fab 80's pictures..

I have started knitting now, for real and it's a bit addictive I have to admit but also a bit tricky and frustrating. After 5 centimeters of curled up yarn I felt a bit worried, it might take a while? I have done the plain knit and now trying with the pearl one so the struggle is on..



My Little Knitting School

Lesson 3 Casting on with Cable Method= 2 needles

Missed Lesson 1? Click here- How to Hold the yarn and the Needle

Missed Lesson 2? Click here- How to Cast on

knitting magazine

1.Insert the right hand needle through the slipknot and pass the yarn over the right needle ( have a look at Fig 2)

knitting magazine

2.Pull a loop through (have a look at Fig 3)

knitting magazine

3.Place this loop on the left hand needle (have a look at Fig 4)

knitting magazine

4.Insert the right hand needle between the two stitches on the left needle. Wind the yarn round the point of the right needle (Fig 5)

knitting magazine

5.Draw a loop through, place this loop on the left hand needle (Fig 6)

knitting magazine

6.Repeat steps 5 and 6 until the required number of stitches are cast on..

Okay girls, a little wiser? Anyone that want's to join in are more than welcome to knit something and then take a photo, I will put my masterpiece up when ever that 5 cm will grow into a Cardigan? All the best!

 This is the Cardigan That I want to Knit...

knitting magazine

Alice/Information is from and TB Ramsden & Co


You have some nice designs here. I'm an aspiring designer, as well. Have you ever checked out Etsy? It's a really great community for independent designers (not just fashion, it's for anything handmade). It's kind of like ebay, only a gajillion times better.

xoxo, mavi

 Hi Maverick!

Thanks for the idea! I love Etsy and have got some posts and tips about it..The only problem is that this collection is made in a small quantaty in India which makes them not made by me, even if designed by me..But I love the idea and forum, if the knitting shoots off I'll make sure to sell some cute designs there as well.

Love to have you here and always welcome back!


For some reason I find these so humorous. :)

 Hi 'Cafe Fashionista'..

Yes I agree, the phot-shoots back in the days are really charming and with that a bit humorous.

Great to have you stopping by, warm welcome!


I love retro knits, those poses are just pure comedy. I'm knitting a cricket jumper currently and have to re-knit a chunky circle scarf i lost (i'm gutted).

Hi! Super duper fun checking your tennis tube top out, really nice cable knits..

I'm a total beginner and haven't started the cables yet, having enough problems counting cast ons and forgetting if I did a purl or a plain:-)But having fun, knitting isn't only for gray-haired ladies?

Fun fun having you here and hope to see you soon, I have added your blog to my resources page so more of the lovely girls stopping by can splurge in Monki's latest Collection and your 'on the nail-fashion sense'..

Take Care, Cheers!


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