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Do you have any mini-sweaters from Granny? Something retro or well performed in a multi-colored design? I love my mini-knits saved in the attic and would love to learn how to do that when my hair turns gray and the days gets longer and filled with less to do. But better learn now and enjoy it, so I have started a "Knitting School here at Hot Cake", no don't be alarmed, I won't digg deep into the world of knits forever, just for a few days. 

knitting blog

Knits, knits and knitting from Sandra Backlund.

 knitting blog

knitting blog

Sandra Backlund's Collection Blank Page..

l will just give some tips on how to exceed in the world of it for old ladies?Come on girls, knitting is the new black, grab the needles and go for it, nothing says "I love you" better than receiving a gift from someone that they actually made by hand or when you make it yourself, what pride you'll have when your wearing your own design! And together with that I'll post Fashion Designers that works with Knits, my favorite Designer is a Swedish one, Sandra Backlund who is famous for her creative knits..enjoy!

knitting blog

knitting blog

knitting blog

My favourite Collection from Sandra, body, skin and hair..

fashion blog

Sandra Backlunds Collection A Fashion Tale..Chunky knits Autumn

knitting blogknitting blog

Sandra Backlund's Last Bruises Collection

No, I haven't got entirely mad just a little smitten by knitting. It could be the rough and gray looking weather that caught me off guard here in New Zealand. I know I have complained a lot of the weather being so cooold, I'm from Sweden for god's sake and should be able to handle anything on the minus scale and it's not that cold here. It's like an mild transaction from hot summer to wetter autumn where leafs are falling and the winds picking up speed and lower degrees. Anyways, what better than cozy up in a Cable Knitted off White Cardigan with wooden buttons in my very own style and design. I promised myself that I would stop dreaming about that garment and just do it, learn it and saddle up with heavy yarn in a creamy color and get started to then show it off here in my Blog, that is if I ever get to Spotlight where I want to buy the yarn. So, yesterday I posted both cable knit inspiration picture and my little beginners knitting School for anyone else ready to get started and best of all be willing to show it off here?

knitting blogknitting blog

knitting blog

This is a few picks from Sandra's latest Collection..I don't rate the model but the garments are pretty amazing and brings heaps of ideas and inspiration!

Knitting School Today, How to Cast on?

knitting blog

1. How to cast on?Pull the back "ring" through the top one by using a needle.

knitting blog

2. Pull the end to tighten the loop/ring.

knitting blog

3. The slip knot should be about 1 meter from the end of the yarn. Use the right hand, and the yarn 'ball' should be on the right side as well with the yarn thread placed over the index finger, see former blog post..

knitting blog

4. Pull the yarn over your left thumb and insert the needle under the loop, see next picture.

knitting blog

5. Take the yarn over the point of the needle by using your forefinger

knitting blog

6. Pull the loop through to form the very first stitch.

knitting blog

7. Remove your left thumb of the yarn and pull the loose end,this will tighten the stich.

knitting blog

8. Repeat this action until the number of stiches that you want has filled the needle..Depends on the wideness of your design..

This is all for now, otherwise I might just go a bit nuts! All the best and check out yesterdays blog if you missed lesson 1, also..eager to exceed? well check out the site where I have got the information/


All the best! Alice






Alice, thanks for the lovely comment.

I adore fashion that breaks from the mold and still retains an element of wearability.

These are the perfect example of the above. Thanks for sharing, because I adore each and every single one of Sandra's pieces. New fashion cravings, here I come ;)

You've reminded me about knitting...I'll have to dig out my kniting needles and yarn now...shame I can't produce anything quite so aesthetically pleasing!

Hi Anika!
Thanks for your comment as well, yes I agree with you, it's hard making something in the league of this designer but a little cable knitted hat wouldn't be to hard? Well keep checking my knit project out to see what was created by a total beginner..your always welcome to join and we can compare our masterpieces!
Take care and always love to have you here!
Cheers Alice

Thank you for your comment! I linked you up!

 Hi Cathy!

Thanks for your comment and link, I have added you to my resources page so more girls can view your nice blog..All the best and love to have you here..

Cheers Alice

aww it looks awesome!! i'd love to exchange bloglinks!!

have a nice weekend

 Hi Girls..

Thanks for stopping by at Hot Cake F..I love the fact you have been in Venice..been there to and loooved it, it is really the city of romance (but skipped the gondola, so expensive) better off sipping a latte by the bringes and shopping masks and peacok feathers. I would love to go back but I shouldn't complain, being out backpacking for over a year now..Always welcome back!

Cheers Alice

thanks for the lovely comment :)

and yes, i would love to trade links with you :)

thank you for the comment! sure, we could exchange link. please let me know when . . .

with regards to your post, wow! those are great photos! making those clothes may take forever. thank you for sharing how to knit!

 Hi Phamsy!

Thanks for stopping by, I have added your link so that anyone that want's to start ripping their jeans and play around in their wardobe can get inspired..

Take care and always welcome back! 



Thanks for stopping by my blog! Of course I would love to trade links! Linking you right now...

And what a great post! I love the second look - it looks so cozy. If I could knit such wonderful pieces, I definitely would, but currently I can only make scarves, which are fairly simple and do make great gifts - you're right!

That sounds like a fabulous, fabulous idea. Yes, I would love to exchange links. I have already added Alice's Fashion Blog & Fashion News to my link list.

By the way, j'adore those first three looks!

Love these pics and your blog. Would adore a link exchange! Am adding you to my Fellow Fashionistas blogroll presently...


Hi Carrie!

I love your site girl and are honored that you stopped by in your really busy blogging!

Wonderful that you have added me, thanks!Your now a part of Hot Cake on my resouces page..Take Care and always always warm welcome back to splurge and everyday Fashion and to follow my trip to make this collection to the windowdisplay...

Lot's of Love Alice 

Wow these knits very impressive!!!
I Wanna learn knitting when my hair turns grey!! :D

those knits are incredible! I love that wool has been embraced in such an architectiral way in these shots

I'd love to trade links! You have a great blog.

 Hi Sol!

Thanks for the nice comment and for stopping by..yes trading links of course..

I have added you to my resources page and if you want my code just check out that page, in the bottom of my site and there is my code, just copy and paste..

Lots of love and always warm welcome back!


I love the ones from the photoshoot outside. Oh, and I would love to trade links. I'm just about to link you now.

 Hi Amelia!

Thanks for swapping links, love your site too..

I have added you to my resources page so welcome to Hot Cake F and love to have you back here soon again..

Cheers Alice

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