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Kiwi Bank, New Zealand a good start!

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Kiwi Bank in New Zealand

kiwi bank

Me outside the Bank/Post today, still summer weather-the top is my own Design!

kiwi bank

A little bit happier today, yes it's great to have stuff arranged and done!

So its a Thursday, sunny in the morning, a bit windy but beautiful as always waking up facing the green hills outside. Today I have arranged a bank meeting since getting my IRD number which means I'm eligible to work here in New Zealand combined with my Working Holiday Visa. With a focus on the good news today it simply felt better just having something booked. At 2 o clock I went into Palmerston North, a cute half busy/half sleepy town that houses big super-markets and smaller, oh so cute stores and all new to me. It's the purple Fairy corner store that's only sells pink puffy kids dresses and glitter which makes me attracted to it in a childish kind of way. Then we have stores like: Cheap washing machines and Coin and Save housing tops and toys for 2 dollars. I haven't really had a good look yet, just passing by stopping at a drive-thru for my Latte and buying big packs of everything at Pack n Save, tried some different stuff here as well, take the customs where you go?I have been introduced to chips on bread, I mean salted crispy potato chips and then they eat Marmite, and original yeast that they put on the morning sandwich. I'm up for it and like trying out new things.

 kiwi bank

Kiwi Bank the greatest?at least for now, my number1 due to a great seller and person-sonja..

Well, today it was hitting the Post Office where I've meet a wonderful woman, Sonja and it was us, me and her that sat down and got a Bank Account for me. She laughed as I kept on joking and eveything made sense, this Bank is a great one, Kiwi Bank, no fees and as many accounts as you want and what a great meeting and person making me feel excited over a card. This will increase freedom when it comes to Trading and Working with overseas Manufacturers. But I have to have a closer look at the Business Part with easy transfers to my Indian Manufacturer and have a look at the on-line banking options. What I've so far checked out is a TT Remittance or a International Bank Transfer. More to come on that part, for now I'm happily settled to get my private ones arranged. I have just come back from 'town' and I'm back in my little office set-up here in Ashhurst. I can't wait for my partners and I to get on that Road-Trip, hitting the New Zealand roads for real. This is soon since the Summer is coming to an end and the thought of sleeping in a scruffy van in the cold or with constant rain while out exploring isn't ideal.


I so want that freedom again and the feeling that my life isn't entirely built upon routine. I have always lived my life in what I think 'my way'. Well, of course, I was busy working long hours at the Clothing store in Stockholm before packing my bag that day one year ago, sometimes not even being able to attend at Birthdays and Christmas Dinners, always working! But to make some points here, I mean, I have lived free and with that means that I have had my own space/place and for me it's important to have it that way. Traveling I actually felt free, making every little Bungalow my home, decorating with Christmas lights and neatly making the bed and the mosquito-net every day. Lately, and perhaps the biggest reason to my 'chocker depression' (that lasted for 3 days) I think was due to my privacy inter-ruptance and the very little integrity I have had, that space just disappeared when living here in New Zealand. Sure it's nice to spend time with my partners family, cooking together and talking, saying 'good morning' and 'good night' but it's also a bit inconvenient, I mean sneaking around back and forth from the bathroom, carefully whispering when everyone is off to bed not being able to either show real emotions or burst out if needed. Well, I guess it's part of growing up, you simply want more space and freedom. Fighting the entire teenage years for some 'mom, out!' when talking to a boyfriend over the phone or 'beat it' to my nosy brother. I simply want that 'home alone' thing again and hitting the roads will of course, once again be a challenge but also equals that wonderful sense of being free..If we are hungry we stop and eat, if we like the view we stop and enjoy it and on the road we just do as we like...  

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