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Burnout duster robe,your style must!

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The Stone Cold Fox Adeline Shawl is vintage inspired gem. This soft chiffon cover up features black velvet burn out with romantic detail. Buy it at Shopthetrendboutique for $368 US.


Buy it at Kukuvintage Ebay shop, 3 days to go..and already up to $150 US..:-)Love it..


In a slight confusion I find myself not bothering to much over what exact name it even carries, as long as it has the right kind of mild cherry blossom print or heavy burnout pattern. It might be styled as an Opera coat, a velvet burnout duster, a vintage duster robe or a plain o'l kimono coat?..Well,never mind the title, I have totally fallen in love with the whole range of them.



As I went walking on the beach today, I kept imagine myself wearing a burnout velvet duster, how it would float in the wind, soft and dreamy as I walked up and down the roughed coastline. It would go so perfectly paired with my off white grandpa shirt, navy shorts and vintage sunnies..The style has that time less egance that goes with anything laid back, yes..especially laid back garments, that's really the charm with a fancy vintage opera coat or duster. It's to dress it down..I have my eyes set on some online finds and with that said..hmm..Santa is going to be really fashionable and nice to me this year:-)


Opy Wildflower Purple Kimono


vintage robe

Nicole wearing her own House of Harlow Aztek stack rings, the beautiful kimono is vintage..


Know where to buy a Vintage piece or have one of your own? Love to hear your thoughts..xx Alice

I love this! I think I need one now

Miss Neira

Hi Neira! Yes, I think I need one too..perhaps I have shot myself in the foot since I have been bidding on that vintage red velvet duster piece and since posting, jeez the price has gone up..he he saying that I love to share:-)so happy bidding if you are after the red one..I will have a look at the local vintage shop that seems to have some theathrical pieces in stock, I haven't been looking for a velvet duster before so I might be happily surprised:-)Let me know if you find one and please share..I am as always curious about others bargains and unqiue finds...thanks for stopping by! Alice

These robes and shawls are GORGEOUS! :)

And exchanging links would be great. Just let me know when! xo

Hi Jennifer!
I just left a comment on your blog, I know the feeling of 'kick ass' and 'wanting to be on top'. In so many levels us girls always compare ourselves to the ones on the very top, the prettiest and the most successful. It's not wrong looking up to someone, wether it's high ranks or hundreds of thousands of visitors but it shouldn't effect us, rather fuel us..but damn it, it's not easy..Nice honest post tough. I have added your link and hope that mine will be up and running soon..feel free to leave another comment:-)swap following too? xx chin and cheer ups (from one swede to another;-)Alice

saw your post on IFB wonderful blog, love to follow you!


Hi Tatjana, your blog is really nice:-)

I am now following you back..would you like to swap links?I can put you on my VIP list on my front page if you do the same? Always nice to connect us fellow Fashion bloggers in between..Don't forget to enter my Corset Competition, I need all the help I can get..puh..have all these pretty brides to compeet with:-)

Bride of the Year 2010  Lots of Love! Alice

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