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Jeggings, the secret is out..?

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Jeggings if I may? i just found my first pair..

 jeggings sienna miller

Sienna Miller does it on Bondi Beach, what you may ask? She's doing the Jeggings justice!One thing is certain, it's all about the tights this year, it's skinny ripped drainpiped jeans or latex leggings, and then the big metallic trend, to read up on that chapter of this fashion year: new-trend-metallic-leggings-sequin-gold-latex

Click here to Jeggings for sale on Amazon

So what is a Jegging? It's a  basic legging that is printed and designed to look like a pair of skinny fitted jeans, good? yes if you know how to wear them, bad? anything too much should be accessorized with care and combined with knits and boots and most of all length.

sienna miller jegging bondi beach

A perfect pair of 'jeggings' lovely combined with suit shoes and a slouchy top, sienna rocks this..

The big YES..

silence noise shredded jeggings

Ripped jeggings..Asos has many different styles.

The big NO..?


Nice or not? Well we all know that regular old leggings is far better combined with an over sized t-shirt, a shirt dress or just a big shirt, don't promote and display the bum unless it's a jog in the park, a yoga session or a day at home or a 'bun of steel', jeggings may be a bit tricky since it's between, this type is not far from trashy so take it easy if you unsist of using a washed look, everything that goes with them has to be basic and sleek..

'Bleached denim Jeggings' from Asos

whitney port jeggings

Whitney Port is wearing 'Jeggings' with a pair of sneakers....

Buy Jeggings Online?

Click here to Jeggings for sale on Amazon don't have to be a Kiwi, from New Zealand to take part in The Wearhouse's great fashion bargains, like these lovely jeggings if you have adapted to this mishap or excellent inbetween garment..

jeggings from the warehouse

If skinny jeans are just not skinny enough, then get your hands on a pair of these jeggings from Warehouse. Team with a rock tee and leather jacket for instant celeb style. 

What is it about Jeggings? Would love to hear from you..

fashion blog alice

xx Alice

That is soo cool
I'm always saying how skinny jeans look amazing but can be the most uncomfortable things to put on, so the jeggings would make it soo much easier. I'm going to look into them and buy myself a pair

Sienna Miller definitely wears her jeggings well. I am still on the hunt for the perfect pair myself! :)

Now I think I'm a fan, I use to hate them but I think they must be much more comfy then regular skinnies!

i bought them from h&m for £15 and the day after i was play fighting with my friend and his watch ripped a hole in the knee! i am so very upset :'(

Hey Alice! Love the jeggings, there are 2 pairs I want from Urban Outfitters in a light blue and faded magenta! Hope you're having a great week!

I looked for Jegging for like 2 months then over my christmas
break I found a pair.
I found them at Marshalls =D
they are so comfortable...I wear them w/ my uggs =D
and a long shirt =)

Hi Awesome cookies!
Thanks for your comment, lovely that you share your goodie with us..I am surprised that it has taken this long for the stores to catch up with this flie..I was searching for a pair of jeggings or somewhat decent leggings but didin't have much to choose from, saying that there is now more then plenty..I have seen Glassons offering party jeggings with ruffled legs on Sale and as part of the Basics. The Warehouse is selling out jeans looking ones similar to this post and then there is Cotton On, a chain store here in New Zealand that are targeting a younger audience..they are showcasing jeggings in a tie and die variable.
I love getting some tips on where to source different up commers so thanks heaps cookie for letting us know..
All the best and good on you! Alice

Thanks for clearing my doubts between leggings and Jeggings.

A perfect fit skinny Jeggings looks excellent on Whitney Port.

Last week, I visited couple of stores in search of blue Jeggings but could not find good shade as they are out of stock, now waiting for new arrivals in stores.

I bought my first pair 2 years ago and that's all I pretty much wear these days. I love them on summer nights and wear them with a dress or skirt.

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