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How To Start a Fashion Line? Here is how..

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How To Start a Fashion Line

how to start a clothing line

I have just written a book: Alice's Make it Fashion about how I made my collection and managed to sell it and the journey I went through to get there. It's written in a personal and easy to read way, you will basically learn all you need to know before you Start your Clothing Line and the aim is to help fellow designers and share information and experiences.

Some examples on what you will learn:

-What Manufacturers Want before you make your order

-How to put a Buy Lead up/directed to Alibaba

-How to make a Fashion Blog under $150 USD and the importance of online presence

-Trademarks, Copyright Laws, Business aspects and Budgeting

-Learn how to make Mark ups on your Designs and How to Source both Manufacturers and Stockists-Stores

These are just 'tasters' on all you need to know when Starting a Fashion Line. I have already received plenty of positive emails from customers that has bought my Alice's Make it Fashion Guide and they all agree that it's hard to find 'personal' stories and advice on Starting a Fashion Line in a very 'tight lipped industry'. I am sharing some free advice through a 6 day email course that you are more then welcome to sign up to (you will find it at Make it, this will give you an idea of what my Alice's Make it Fashion Guide is about and of course learn some things along the way. The most important thing to know is that your not alone and that you are entitled to dream and in the end make that a reality, 1 month support and advice will be given for Free when you purchase my Guide:-).

The truth is, there is no quick fix out there, but with the right knowledge, some determination and perhaps most important, a strong design you can make it happen. When I started I was somewhat naive and didn't know anything about the industry and what laid ahead. It's not about making nice sketches and having a creative mind, you also need to develop a website that represents you and your brand and create an audience for it.

Here is your First Starter Tip;

You have to have a design that is on demand, before you even have designed it?

Does that sound quirky, yes it might but the truth is, having a design that is selling is key. Without that you won't be able to make it work. Try looking for popular products and do some research, what is the current trends, what does people really need or want, does it includes certain materials such as eco-fabrics, certain fits and anything that stands out or is current. This will be part of your signature and your brand and with a Strong Line, or even just One Design, you will go far..

Hope to hear from you and hope that you take the wise step and join the group of happy designers already using my secrets, tips and learn from my costly misstakes and, I don't push any expensive CAD (computer aided design programs) on you, I won't tell you to have a large budget or even be a skilled Seamstress.

So you can do it even in a raw beginner level and without any big money spent!

Customer Feedback:

Hi Alice,
Printed off ALL your books and starting to read them now! whooo hoooo so excited!
Will tell you what i think after i get into it! hope all is well.
Xoxox Marcelle


After reading this guide book I felt more relaxed about starting my own label. And believe me, I have read books that just made me more scared. Some books was even too complicate to manage reading. Here is no big budgets or stupid "experts" that frighten me to follow my dream. Alice´shows that you can make it. I also find it very inspiring to read about Alice´s history.

Since I was young I have wanted to be a designer. I have studied design, first 3 years at the upper secondary school. Then further 1,5 year on a higher level. After my studies I got a job as a children wear designer. But the bosses was terrible and I felt very used by them. Hard work but no payment for it. Sometimes I had to do shitty jobs.They could even sell my design over and over again after I quit. But I didn't get any profit. I just had to accept it. The design jobs doesn't´t grow on trees. So I decided to make my own label. I had knowledge about the industry, good knowledge about the computer program illustrator and so on. I also thought I had a good design that could sell. I even had people that supported me. In my mind I was thinking: If other people can live on my design, I can live on it! Still I was afraid to take the big steps. But not anymore, not now when I have red Alice´s Guide-Book. I was afraid because I remember a teacher from the design school who once said: "Don't start your own brand until you have worked in the business for a long time. Lets say 10-20 years. Otherwise it could be hard to make it. You need to learn as much as possible, and it will take years". I just worked 2 years and I already wanted to be my own boss! But with Alice guidebook you understand that you don't need to know that much. Just take baby steps and it will work. Alice made it! So can I. Know I understand how to work with factories. So know I´m going to start my own label for children wear...

Many Thanks! Marie



Hi Alice! 25/10-2010
I really love your e book. It is very helpful and exactly what I was looking for. So many places said that I needed to go to design school, be able to sew and use a computer program etc. Your ebook told me what I really needed to know. Thank you for responding!
I read all the ebooks and am going over them again and again. I had already been searching on alibaba and your emails provided me with loads of inspiration and most of all courage to get started. i feel like I just want to get some sketches done and send a couple to get some samples done just to see what it will produce. I feel excited but scared that I might be to hasty. I have already had a response  from an enquiry i made on alibaba before I read you book This is what the Manufacturer wrote:

Hi Evelyn, We can create samples from sketches and some basic details.
Or you can send us your sample and we'll be able to recreate that.
Costs are typically 1000-1500,- THB/pcs all incl.

I am thinking to do as your book suggests and put an ad on alibaba with the sketch and see what kind of respose I get. I don't really know what he means by 1000-1500 THB/pcs all inc. though. does that mean that it includes the sample pc? maybe the shipping?  :D

By the way, congratulations on you marriage! :) Hope you always feel like newlyweds!
Thanks so much! Evelyn



Hi Alice,
Thank you. You are the best.
I will definitely let you know how things go, until then I have already started using your links and love how easy you've made it!!!
You are one of the few sharing information in a really tight lipped industry.
I would definitely recommend your guide. It was great reading and it was a great lead to get me started.
(Especially, if you are like myself and really have no clue where to begin.) Will keep in touch! Carole from Canada



Warm regards:

Alice Smith author

 Click here if you are interested in starting your own fashion line.  Alice's Make it Fashion Guide

Always welcome to contact me with any questions you might have:Ask Alice






I'm Alice, from Sweden, living in New Zealand with my handsome kiwi...





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