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Hippie Style me up..

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Pearls, print, lace, wraps and worn out leather boots..I can't wait for the burst of summer sun, the white playful clouds and magical midsummer nights. Mist and the smell of iron tainted water, cold wet grass between my toes and as the sky turns warm and yellow, red and then pink I can't help feeling a sense of freedom, it's innocent like my childhood memories. It fills me as I share the sunset in silence with the whispering trees. 


Haunting beauty: Photo from


Swedish designer Gudrun Sjoden, love the cold crispy air, folklore and wet wood..


Photo from


Photo from thephotographylink


Photo from

I'm Signing off now, dinner is boiling in the kitchen and by the smells of it somethings burning too, got a little bit lost in all these beautiful summer photos tough:-)Leave a comment, I read them all:-)..Lots of love as always



This is SUCH an inspirational post. These photos are magical and make me long for summer again. :P And you have written this so beautifully, too! Love this post. xo

Hi Jennifer!
Thanks for liking the post, I love getting comments and a big head, ha ha. Writing and sourcing photos made me so caught up in the moment that half my dinner was burnt by the time the post was up:-)well worth the mess. I have a small crush on the light cast when the sun sets, the fullness of a creamy yellow that just fills and paints everything and then the sea of pinks and reds that follows. From dusk to dawn, quiet moments as I walk in a moss covered forest, the breeze of the sea, the salty fresh seaweed and yes..ohh..there is plenty to long for..:-)do come back as it's guaranteed that I'll post some 'longings' again:-)..xo Alice

I cannot get enough of it.

I'm a bohemian at heart.

Love these!


Hi:-)Thanks for loving this, I love all things torned by time and unique, I'll make sure to tap on both feelings and personal styles. Had a little stop at your site as well, I would love to swap links? I can place you on the right banner (VIP) Hot Cake Likes and hope that you do a similar placement..Let me know when it's up and I'll add you too:-)lots of xx Alice

I adore these photos, especially the first one and the last one! They are all great, but those in particular are just breathtaking. Have a wonderful week!


Hi Rachel! Thanks for liking them, I love thoose ones as well..I just keep imagining that the girl is me and I am laying in that warm and slightly sun tinted water, surrounded in what would probably feel like milky cream. Some days I really need an escape route and a place where I can 'yoga away' (have so many plans, projects and ideas) that it sometimes feels like my head is going to explode. So why not, if I could have a  'zone', if even for a second..This would be the one:-)

Is this photo for real? Oh it looked so magical..fairy by the lake in the evening sun. Shop and buy limited edition teen graphic tees at lleitmotif - best online clothes shop in Singapore.

i love this!!!

These shots are the perfect answer to my freezing cold day.
Brightened me up!

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