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The Best Womens Hat Guide! Photos of the hottest styles.

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Ski Hat

Okay, I am busted! I have to admit that I am hooked on this Vintage Style hat design, brings me back to black & white Hollywood movies and the 20's fashion, anyone remember 'The House of Elliot'? If you read yesterdays Carrie sex and the city clothes knows that I am a big fan of SJP's /Carrie's clothes, especially the outfit seen in Sex & City Movie version on New Years. The combination of pyjama silk, fur coat, the magic Ski hat in sequin and long pearl necklace! Best buy for all A/W parties 09..

Top hat

hat fashion 09

Rabbit in a hat? Isn't this the cutest party hat ever..from

Pirate hat

hat fashion 09

Big is beautiful?John Galliano Collection 09, along with Chanel they push the Pirate Style hat..

Fur hat

hat fashion

hat fashion 09

Hot as always..

Panama hat

hat fashion 09

When the season turns and your still in summer blues, keep the summer flair with straw hats and panama hat along with the falling leafes..

Gentleman hat

hat fashion 09hat fashion 09

Go Gentle..Play it safe or a bad hair day hat? From Hermes and will be the next best thing along with leather glowes, a trenchcoat and the Mulberry bag

Cap hat Military Style

hat fashion 09

More on Army Fashion and Army style fashion hats..

Trucker cap hat

hat fashion

Always workable! sporty style, choose cap with has a tendancy to portrai anyone wearing it to look like either a 'up to no good' kind of guy and less fashion-sensible than most of us..

Cabby hat

hat fashion 09

Drew Barrymore icognito with a so called, News Boy Cabby hat which comes and many sizes and designs but the all have one in common, it reminds me of Oliver Twist..

Knitted hat

hat fashion 09hat fashion

Cozy and cute, there is heaps of info on where to knit and make your own set..

Turban 'crazy style? Alice VS Beyonce' who wins..

hat fashionhat fashion

Okay, I admit, the turban isn't flattering on otherwise gorgeous Beyonce but still, it's different and fun? Or am I making excuses since I was wearing this months ago for the Photoshoot in Goa..would love to hear your comments on this piece, in or out? It was totally dissed at coutureavenue which made me want to give it another chance..

Boater Hat Marc Jacobs

hat fashion 09

Picture from teenvouge Okay,we all know that the boater hat hit S/S 09 from Marc Jacobs but we also know that fresh trends and perhaps somewhat questionable ones take time to 'root' in both stores on most of all ON people..Pricetag for Marc Jacobs hat about 375 $

Tilt it to the side...

hat fashionhat fashion 09


Cable knitted basic and perfectly fine for A/W and season goodie that keeps standing strong..

Feather hat

hat fashion 09hat fashion 09

I really love these feather hats and am I crazy if I say I want one! If your a fan of this odd style and want to splurge in pree loved one of a kind gems then I found the website that houses heaps of vintage accessories, shop curious

hat fashion 09hat fashion

Girl wearing feather hat photo

Slouch hat /Chrochet or beanie?

hat fashion 09

If it's cozy, over sized, and on the back of your head in fits the Slouch hat..

Cloche hat

hat fashion

Picture from Angie vs Katie classic bell shape in 20's style

Flapper hat

hat fashion 09

Cloche hat and Flapper hat, same same but different? Love the styles tough..


fashion blog

xx Alice

Do you have any suggestions, perhaps a favourite hat find of your own, welcome to brag or share:-)

Hi Alice! Love the 20s sequin hat- do you know where I can get one? I'd love a multi-colored sequin one! Thank you for the sweet words- I'm digging your site and just read your manufacturing story. I love how passionate you are! I've added you :) and will definitely be coming back!!

Hi Melanie!

I found a really super cute Multi/and Single Colored Beret..

gold sequin nicole richie 09

Great fun to have you here..really enjoyed reading a little about you, the way fashion has been hand in hand helping you escape the lazy pants was great fun..I have now added you to my Resources Page, you can view your link here..Exchange Links

When I get a question I just have to do a little research, so here is some Multi/Single Colored Sequin Hats and where to buy them..

Good Knews! I found a fabulous website for accessories and where you can buy your:

Multi Colored Sequin Beret 09

Price: 16.80 $ (avaliable in stock now)

Website: direct to the Sequin Berets

multi colored beret 09

black sequin hat 09gold sequin beret hat 09

This the beret on, Bleudame have heaps of colores, Aqua Blue, Navy, Red, Silver...

There is other shapes and forms as well, but the beret is my winner for now..

sequin hats 09

Sequin caps from

fashion blog

xx Alice

Tips on where to buy Sequin Berets 09?

Just add a comment below and share your finds:-)

I want a hat. A big, floppy one. In addition to a crocheted piece. And perhaps a cloche. Fabulous post, darling! :)

I love the Panama and Cloche hat so much... But I have way too much hair (and a big head?) for the last one... grrr... There are some very cute ones on Ponsonby Road in Auckland, near the Starbuck... If you come around one, they will make your day!


~ Lolita of modern times ~

Hi Sarah!

Ponsonby Road Auckland NZ

Have you been to this store? It looks so cute..

ponsongy road fashion store auckland

Thanks for the Tips! It's hard to physically stroll around in shopping centers and find cute little shops in odd street corners, moseying in my own infinitive pase when my boyfriend is either waiting in the car or simply half strolling around(and pretty bored I might add) with me..

The pros and cons of traveling in ONE car togheter:-)But what's love for if not to be patient and caring..he he..well he is a gem, it has been a lot of shopping and in his case, waiting..

Here is a pic I found from a stylish NZ Fashion Blog, yes in Auckland actually and it's filled with wonderful Fashion photos in The Satoralist Style..maybe you know them? The Black Eye

ponsonby road

 Any other shopping tips? More than welcome girls share here at Hot Cake Fashion...

fashion blog

xx Alice



Hi Alice, thanks for your comments on my blog :) Love this post, you really picked out some fabulous pieces. If I see any I come across I'll let you know!


hey gorgeous! you have some amazing designs! i love the corset top!

i have just added your link =)

do you think i should work on banners? i will send you an email regarding this.

we are neighbours at the moment! how nice. tell me, how is new zealand? i've heard it's beautiful.


Hi Aussie Girl!

Thanks for your comment! I like your creative drawings, why not go for making banners, I could imagine that there would be a lot of girls with fashion blogs that would like some nice sketches..

It's an the way, are you a fulltime model? Thanks for the comment on my Strapless Corsets..I will get some more colors soon and will take some more photos of them and then it will be a little store set next project:-)

New Zealand is Beautiful!It is,Australia is where I've always wanted to go to tough..I have never seen a koala or a cangaroo? we are pretty close by, so there should be no excuses for not comming over..Here is some photos from our Roadtrip i North Island..

new zealand nature 09new zealand nature 09


Here is some pictures of NZ..a piece of paradise (well now it's winter and a bit wet but the hills are lush and green and the rough tuqoise sea is still around..)

/please add your website for linkswap here or just email me..! xx Alice

OMG, thanks so much for finding that! I'm totally ordering the Bleudame multi-color one, love it! Thanks again :) Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

I think Trucker cap hat would be perfect for me aside from my favorite snapback caps. It's not because I don't really follow fashion trends, I just like the "attitude."

WOW! super beautiful fedora hats and headpieces they are so fashionable and I really wanted to try this in our country not only for beaches but also for any occasions.

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