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Harem Pants Trend Hotter than ever!

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Harem Pants..

harem pantharem pant

The right pants! Pic from Marie Perfect Khaki looking,well dressed pair.

harem pant trend

Fun looks for spring and great tips on the latest to wear, going to the extrem but check out the contrast yellow shoes, clutch leather bag and the tight tops that goes really well with the over-sized pants.

ralph lauren harem pant

Gold harem pant from Ralph Laurens Spring Collection-09

harem pant -09

Picture from MSNBC's website and Phi's Spring 2009 Fashion show. The new look is a tie around the waist and tight by the ankles.

Tuesday, 17 March

Harem Pants,the latest trend for Summer-09?

This is really the best pant ever, comfortable and luxy looking with a pair of high heels, or cozy as a Sunday wear with leather sandals (roman look is great with harem). Remember to wear harems with something tight on top and then perhaps play around with an over-sized shirt 'un-buttoned' on top, but to create a high waist it's a good idea to use a linen top underneath combined with something wide.

Harems a simply combat slick looking, loose-fitted and fun, I found some great ones with new details, also spotted some 3/4 pants with buttons which I adore. Be aware for the Harems in a to thin stretchy cotton-spandex type=more known as Alibab-not hot, the cheap version.

If your going for this 'harem style' please use a pair that either has a glam look a la Ralph Laurens glitter gold style ones or a heavier cotton looking like a khaki pant picks on top, or with details like wood buttons and in a washed look. Not the stretchy ones, that will only create a 'jelly, wobbly' style and not that hot. All and all, harem is a re-run worth a third, fourth, fifth? chance. From belly dancing to the rapping MC Hammer-big in the 80's the pant is now hotter than ever. I welcome it and love it and wear is some inspiring picks.

Best look spotted: Wear Harem Pants with a Blazer, Tuxedo Jacket (rolled up sleeves)

harem pant with blazer

The right chique look with harem pants combined with a blazer, great to make the pants more fancy rather than baggy. This picture is found at, Personally I don't really rate the pants, I would like them to have a tighter fit around the legs and not that well shaped but the blazer/jacket is a real 'must have' and the combination of the jkt and pants are great.

All the best! Alice (Have any style tips or photos? share them here at Hot Cake, just go to: contact me page for questions ore requests)or leave a comment on/in any Blog.



 Hi. Heard you on radio last night. Good for you for getting out and doing something! :) Sincerely AF

Hi AF..


Fun that you were listening to the Radio last night. Well, I was 'combining' two in one grabbing the opportunity, it was fun getting some brief feedback on both me and Hot Cake Fashion. 
Your more than welcome to my site and thanks for the comment/Have a good one!

Hi Alice,

I heard you on the radio last night aswell and have enjoyed reading your blog and will be denitely back to read more..

All the best for your fashion career and look forward to seeing your clothes for sale in New Zealand clothing shops.



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