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Gift for a Fashionista..?

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My husband declared being clueless to what I wanted for this year's Christmas (in fact, I haven't really given him any directions either). With his 'puppy eyed' look he got me sold on the idea that we simply skip gifts and venture out on Boxing Day instead where we buy each other something really nice and something that we really want (couldn't stop thinking about Erin Wasson's Jewelry Collection, even better up her Crystal stud earrings low luv or the Dolce Vita cami velvet dress I would find so many useful parties for it, promise..and for New Years of course..).


I quickly pictured us together, laughing, sipping Latte's and holding hands all day long, it was a great idea, in fact..we should do this for every event of the year, Valentine's, Easter..Birthdays..But  I still felt inclined to at least say “Sweetie, it's the thought that counts, I would love anything that you would buy me, just so you know”. The charm of being surprised was gone but the joy of getting something I've wanted for such a long time will be well worth it..


Teenage tragedy..

But, should you really like a gift no matter what? That can't be true, plight yes..but deep down...less impressed perhaps.. At my18 th birthday my uncle and his (then fiancée) said, as they handed the gift over to me “When we saw this, we couldn't help thinking, this is Alice”. I started unraveling the pretty parcel with an built up excitement since introduced as 'totally me'. What could it be? 'Alice' I didn't even know who I was back then.. thoughts where running through my head as I got closer to the target..a diamond gemstone rings wrapped in millionds of large chunks of paper?

Then a moment of silence as I watched the sad droopy fabric “A grunge dress” I commented as I held the long piece of cloth in front of me. I embraced them both, thanking them and telling them how much I would use it.. (as a little note here: the current trend in 1998 was Baby blue Ralph Lauren shirts, 501 Levis Jeans ,Fruit of the Loom, or even a Champion Hoodie..maybe that was-95? it's all a bit hazy just as I intend it to be).


The Wishlist..

And then there is those memories of being a little girl and being really excited about Christmas, I barely sleept on the 23:rd. And I can still visualize myself scribbling down something less important on a piece of paper that was meant to be put up on a prime spot on the refrigerator. So, the less important gifts was all neatly placed under the big lettered number “one”gift that I really, really wanted, usually something special like a pink bike with a white basket or a Pink Barbie House (anything pink back then and bigger then myself). But Santa misunderstood me that year, in fact, he seemed to do that a lot or he simply couldn't read at all?..I ended up getting all the other things on that piece of paper, some not even on the list (did Santa just guess?) most of the gifts that wasn't on the list was soft and had practial abilities, like socks.


That's when I snapped up the saying: “It's the thought that counts”. Anyone knowing your surname would surely know what you want for Christmas? A bet that never fails:roses and diamonds..

Then, maybe not..I've decided to allowed myself to buy 'me' something that I really, really want and wish for, perhaps I even call it something that I deserve.. and yes, I'll promise to look surprised:-)

Good point you have. You actually gave me an idea because my husband was been bugging me that same question for a week now & honestly its driving me insane.

Hi..He he, do I see a little 'glitch' before the Holidays..Many of us 'fashionistas' or pretty much all girlssecretly knows what they want, some gifts are a bit expensive tough and that's why we indicate the more expensive choice to then say: Oh, but hunny..I'll be happy for anything..We don't, we just think that he's cheap or could have gone that extra mile, I guess that's why are from 'two planets' according to some writers. So, what we want can scare 'guys' meaning that they fear not getting it right and that overwhelms them. The thing is, if we know what we want and tell them..or write it down, how come there's a possibility or a slight chance that they will do it wrong, it should be like grocery shopping, 1 L of Milk please..xx Alice

hi girls! i just got ur comment on my blog! thk for visited me by the way, and of course i'll love to link each other! yours is already on my blog link list :) hope u'll do the same :) we keep in touch :) happy holidays! xo

Hi! Thanks, I have added you to the right banner and left a comment at your site as well, welcome to a faboulous site:-)Big Hugs! Alice

I know what you mean. I think the thought does count; it's lovely to know that someone is thinking of you. This post reminds me of my favorite short story "The Gift of the Magi" by O. Henry. If you haven't read it, do. Especially around Christmas, it's really, really sweet!

Hi Samantha!
Thanks for your comment and the tips..always love to grab a new read..haven't really had's like this little electronic box of mine is sucking up the hours like an humongous vacuum time left for sitting the coach, enjoying a big cup of Chai and just read..I don't actually know if weekends and holidays allows me to do that anymore. Well, there you go..a great Christmas gift for myself..I'm really piling them up right now:-)your added so congrats and welcome to Hot Cake..xoxo Alice

PS I've added you to my blogroll. Your blog is too adorable!

Your blog is really cool !

I would love to add you to my reel!

I love all things on your blog!!! :)

This image is just gorgeous !

Char x

Great blog! :) ciao ciao from Rome BEXCLUSIVE MAGAZINE

Awesome post. I am doing the same thing this year, buying myself something I really want. ;D x

Hi Whitley!

It actually doesn't feel to bad, buying my own gifts. My husband offered (so I have something to open:-)that I could buy something and we'll wrap it..I really needed a new perfume, the Dolce no 3 is almost all out so I opted for a perfume with a fresh fruity a small boutique here in Christchurch, funny enough called the World they have everything and then more..From stuffed deer heads to pretty designer dresses..very chic. I found a little bottle, almost magical looking as if it was poison from a lost era. It had such an enchanting fragrance.."it's between the sheets" I looked up, a small girl all dressed in black had suddenly appeared. I smiled "mm, it's delicious, I'll take it". She looked at me, "should I wrap it?". With the whole afternoon totally gone and wanting to go home, I replied "No, it's for me..a little Christmas gift for myself"...She gave me the biggest smile on her otherwise serious face 'good on you' and then she looked for a bag.

great idea- shopping on boxing day (not to mention, the sales that await!)

Funny that we all know it, I mean that on the 25 th..26 th and basically for the coming 2 weeks all shops have a huge sale..We all shop for Christmas to then see our presents discounted to 40, 50, 70 %..the whole thing is pretty commercial, with that said, boxing day sale is soo much fun and a good break after organizing dinners and gifts, Christmas Cards and Secret Santa's. We deserve it, right:-)Thanks for your to have you here:-)xoxo Alice

I think it was easier getting gifts as a child when most things would have made me happy. 'Surprise' gifts rarely work for me now... I prefer to be quite specific about what I want rather than get something I'll never use. As unimaginative as they sound, sometimes vouchers (or even hard cash) can be a good thing...

Hope you had a great Christmas!

I know what you mean, it's just a big Guilt trip getting something you don't want and the 'just like a criminal' you have to in some sort of dodgy way try to return it, give it away to some charity shop or sell it (god forbid?)well, it's hard having 'stuff' around that you don't use..We 're going to a wedding and she wrote on the invitation:
Many of our guest have enquired, for a gift idea to be inspire. Agift of money that you can afford Is just what we need, you can be assure, there are many things we still wish to do..And when we look back, we can's all thanks to you.
I should put that on my wishlist:-)Big Hugs and thanks for stopping by, have a great New Year and hope that you got what you really wanted this Christmas! xoxox Alice

I love this blog!!Looks like you are as obsessed with fashion as I am. My hubby got me a great scarf this xmas - it was sooo unusual - black with a silver heart pendent in centre - called a pendent scarf - it came in a gorgeous box. He normally rubbish at choosing pressies so was surprised at this one - and pleased! He got it at holly-bush- gonna go and have a look at some more! Nic xx

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