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Fringe ponchos, the breast-feeder dreams...

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Hey readers!

I am in my 6th week of my "new-born baby mother-hood adventure" and I have finally started to venture out, doing small errands and catching up with friends. I even braved going to a baby-shower knowing I would be there for a few hours, it went fantastically well! So, I am telling myself to really enjoy my little as he is officially a nice baby and won't make a fuzz as long as he's getting his milk that is. My healing and overall body issues (like breastfeeding) and a second mastitis now being confirmed it has admittedly been though, dealing with high fever and a second doze of penicillin while nurturing my toddler and taking care of my newborn all at the same time (thank god that daddy's around:-).

On the subject of breast-feeding (not the terrible part of mastitis though:-)…the girl that we all had the ‘surprise’ baby shower for pulled out a version of a cover up/nursing blanket as we all sat in her living-room. It was a cotton shawl in soft brown that looked very pretty, gently thrown over her shoulders and covering her upper half body. “I’ve made this” she said with a smile…For a 5 minute 'whisk and sew project' I was quietly impressed. She then went on to explain that she wanted a cover up for when she's breast-feeding in public, but struggled to find anything nice. Determined to wear something more fashionable then what was out there or way better than her mom’s attempt to give her something useful (by all means) well meant gift of course (she explained it all with a smile, it resembled a brightly coloured kitchen apron, for kids).

All of this made me want to look for a cosy shrug or cover up/poncho as well. Bohemian styling is a big ‘heart’ of mine right now, it just feels right being a bit boho (without the hippie candles and tie-dye’s) living so close to the beach. So naturally I started looking for various cover-up designs and styles in that sort of tasselled-up and worn out looking genre. Between brands like Free PeopleLove SamJens Pirate Booty and Jadetribe there they were, fringe ponchos and pretty wide knitted ponchos, and voila “I’ve found a new love for fringed garments this season”.

Even slubby knitted ponchos has a place in my closet, they go really well with jeans shorts and floaty silk pants and are excellent as a layering piece while you can if you want whisk it off to breast-feed or have the little one safely tucked underneath it all. Why not wear one of these chunky knitted pieces right in the middle of summer, a chilly summer evening or after a swim. I am a firm believer that it’s a brilliant addition to your wardrobe, breast-feeding or not, it’s nice to cuddle and cover up sometimes. 

xxx Alice



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