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Fashionable Dad! Celebrating My Brothers Style..

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The Dad with Style...

Being away from my family and friends I have to say grace to Facebook for keeping me up to date with all the little things (and of course big ones) that is going on back home.

In Stockholm, Sweden..right brother and his two toddlers;-)

Wheter I want to accept it or not, life does go on without me.

Just because I left Sweden doesn't mean that everyone stopped living,no there is heaps of action back there(even if I like the thought that everyone is missing me heaps).The weather might be cold and glary, but the style and fashion-flair is alive as ever...

His youngest daughter at the family 'summer-house' in gotland..

For me it has been like an eternal summer, going from palmtrees to the next one. Sun and smog, heat and sometimes heavy monsoon rain. It's been amazing, fantastic and 'like I said to mom the other day' like a looong summer break, thoose breaks you have when still in school. Wonderful one's where I remember getting almost bored by all that free time. I got that again, lucky me. Not being twelve and being insecure, no this time I've really, really enjoyed it, maps, busses, over-night trains, muggy, swetty and all that dirty old charm that comes with it. 

His daughter Tyra that has the fashion-pose all perfect and all ready..

My brother has always been the 'trendy' one, joining family dinners in a tuxedo jacket with rolled up sleeves, wearing a rough-looking grandpa shirt underneath. It's tight jeans, or ripped one's, leather and mosquito 'pointy' looking shoes and he always looks like a movie-star.

I kind of thought that thoose days of trend,style,and plain love for fashion was over when we all got the news that he was going to be a dad..well, that never happend(loosing the fashion-sense part), he kept reinventing fashion and this time also making both home and his kidz look amazing..Looking like a fashion-guru and have two toddlers, It's a quest. For me, just being me, no small mini-me's around I still struggle have the right dress for the party or simply okay shoes for a pair of sixty jeans. He is my style icon and I celebrate him for always looking like 'off from a phot-shoot', the only thing I can say about being a dad and still being fab is that fashion is a part of him, as well as it's so natural now also being a dad. Fashion never goes away, does it? Well, I have no kids so I just have to wait that one out....

Christmas 2007-08 before I left Sweden, just a cozy in the middle..

Big love to my brother back home, for being so you..sis!



Have any fashion icons- brothers-sisters that just rocks!

Write a comment here below..


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