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Your Womens Fall Fashion shoe guide is here!

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Gumboots verses the skyhighs, Anything Goes for this Season?

For more studs and leather from latest fall fashion have a look at studded fringe fashion fall

crazy fall fashion shoes

The Wedge with an..edge

fall fashion shoes 09

Shoe from Ana Locking Collection, a take on laque and fetish in a wedge style..Eventough I'm not a complete Wedge fan I can't help feeling taken by them..'ana locking has an online store aswell:-)'

How to wear the Wedge?

fall wedge style shoe 09

Wear a Wedge with a sock! It's a fun way to turn any folklore summer shoe to a ready to wear Fall boot. A grandma 20's style vintage sock can do wonder for any outfit. Best mix and match with a Wedge is either go for a 70's look with bootcut high-waist jeans or printed vintage dress, for the Kawaii school girl look match your wedges with a small checked plaited tennis shirt and thigh high socks.

The Peep Toe Booties

A sneak peak on a peep

peep toe shoe 09

The peep toe seems to be a hot choice for fall. Not personally my first choice but this boot makes an exception and is simply too cute not to add to any autumn wardrobe. Picture is from A great idea is to add a colored sock just to create a take on this style, it's kind of the whole idea of wearing it with an open toe.

peep toe michael kors

Another peep toe, from Michael Kors peep toe black bootie for autumn 09

Platform Shoes

Reach for the hights

platform shoe 09

Too much toe or too much heel? These shoes is all about being a bit too much. Picture shows Versaces Patent Platform Shoes. I do love the burgundy red nailpolish look and I am forever impressed by anyone wearing these sky-scrapers when I am perhaps what you call a '5 cm heel'. Platform goes for anything high heel and a round chunky front. Great for a red carpet night but take it easy on the curves..

Studded boots

Go steady on your Studs...

studded boots

Gorgeous studded boots from Northen Lights-Free People Collection 09, I know that there have been some blogs about comparing Chloe's famous studded boots with significantly cheaper ones so there is really heaps to choose from online for anyone interested in a pair of Studs!

Buckled Boots

Buckle up..

buckled boots

Buckled boots to die for? Well not far from it. Use, anyday to make it a fun day. Play with mix and match with cotton flower printed dresses and a small leather biker jacket or a pair of skinny drainpipe jeans and a punk t-shirt.

Printed Shoes

Djungle fever..

matthew williamson zebra shoes fall fashion 09

Matthew Williamson shows something to desire for fall 09, zebra printed high heels.

Ankle Booties

Pirate me anytime

ankle booties

Cute filt pirate looking booties from Omelle Collection 09. These are really flattering for anyone stuck with to many slimfit jeans that makes you look like a pear. Wearing something 'chunky' will magically make your hips more balanced in a slim fitted jeans. Also lovely with leggings in dress! Ankle boots comes in many forms and shapes with one thing common, yes they reach your ankles.

Thigh High Boots

Head for the knees..

thigh high boots

The shoes that has been spotted on Kate Moss as well as in my recent blog post about Diane Kruger seeing her wear a fab pair of thigh highs, this picture is from showing a few different types.

kate moss thigh high boots

Kate Moss in a pair, picture from, note there is a few options and a popular version is the Knee high boot in a pirate style design, wider and not as slim fitted that looks lovely any Autumn day..

thigh high catwalk boots

Thigh high spotted on the catwalks as well, white shoes from Fendi 09 and the laced up gray boots is from Etro

Slouch Boot

Everyone has one?

slouch boots

The good ol' re-run? One too many I might wonder, well, something has to be a tad more comfertable and walkable for shopping sprees. Looking at the celebs day to day photos they often get caught in a pair of UGG's or sneakers, Mischa Barton keeps strutting her stilettos but slouch around is more than normal and more then welcome..If it's wrinkled it's slouch..

Pull on Boots-Goodie that goes a long way!

Gumboots to lambswool

gumboot fashion

A great classic that not only is truly practical but recently have an added flair and design..totally okay to stroll around in this Autumn.From JCrew.

pull on boot gray moccasin

A recycled old Indian Moccasin? well even if it's not the most inspiering thing in the world, my feet aren't always's pretty cute still. Since leggings is here to stay a few more seasons an ankle boot/pull on boot like this will defenitly do.From JCrew.

pull on boot

It is a world known thing that when the Autumn comes a long the 'Riding' Theme goes right a long with it, trenchcoats and leather glowes, brown high leather boots and Mulberry bags, plaids from Burberry and matching wallets. It's like a never chaning well recycled but most longed for wardrobe that only the well educated, high end, well brought up knows about?

Odd Shoes-Crazy Styles 09

It's in to be out?

If you tought that wearing pink pumps was a bit 'over the top', you have no idea what's out on offer for this comming season. We have in some extent seen it already, on Victorian Beckham when she strolled around without any heels in those 'magic' black leather pumps and then the chunky grandma vintage styles that slowly has hit the streets. For us born in the 80's nothing really scares us, right? I mean wearing Buffalo shoes and sneakers with heels is a walk in the park (litterarly)

But this..sience meets fashion, back to the drawboard on my behalf as well, I think my collection is too Normal?

dior fall fashion shoes crazydior crazy shoes

Crazy Shoe styles from this years Dior Shoe Collection

alexander mqueen crazy shoes 09

Alexander Mqueen offers plentiful of inspiration in his A/W 09 Collection..

balenciaga fall 09 crazy

Balenciaga Fall fashion

crazy fendi shoes fall 09

Signature snakeskin from Fendi

weird shoes 09

More art then wearable? Letaher shaped designs..

john galliano crazy shoes 09 fall

I love these, John Galliano double high heels in a 'car coat' color

dolce & gabbana crazy shoes 09 fall

Dolce&Gabbana takes on a 'hoves' look in a 17 th century style..I wouldn't mind a pair

 dior and proenza shoes 09 fall fashion

Dior and Proenza works the heels and the straps, a new take on the party pumps for sure..

crazy weird shoes fall fashion 09

Whatever the shoe, make sure it's a comfertable one, you wouldn't want that party of yours to end with a blister or limping back in a non fashionable way towards the cab...

What shoes to wear for a Party? Do you have any vintage finds or secrets to looking fab and still survive a night on the dancefloor in a pair of pums? Love to hear some comments..

fashion blog

xx Alice

J'adore slouchy suede boots. I have them in gray and a dark brown/tobacco color. They work so well with just about everything in your wardrobe. Fabulous post, darling! :)

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