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Emma Watson new haircut, do you like it?

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I never been a real fan of Harry Potter, admittedly I don't deny enjoying a 'mind-break' and did watch the first movie (with my pop-corn ready, buttered and salted). As it finished I was secretly wanting to see more of Harry's ventures, I do confess that it had the right type of mysterious magic, 3/4 stations, owls and wands-all great! But then (in the same spirit as Jaws 3 and Rocky 5 )I grew 'neutral' to any sequels following the number more....Emma has nothing to hide!

emma watson short hair


Twiggy's Haircut

I am however not 9 and should probably react this way, I'm a grown up for gods sake and should watch 'grown up movies'?:-)Back then Harry and the other fellow classmates where kids running around in over-sized cloaks pointing wands and solving mysteries.

The conquering actress of the bunch was the witty Hermione aka Emma Watson.

And what a rose she has grown into, both stylish and featured in both Teen Vogue posing in the most gorgeous designer dresses as a face for the trench coat giant Burberry. She's cut it all off and I can't help wonder if I would dare to go that short..hmm...

emma watson new haircut

emma watson new hair

emma watson burburry

emma watson new style

Do you like it long or short? tell..

Maybe I'm conservative but I liked her more in long hair...

Hi Alexandra.
I guess it's a way to make a statement and stand out, easy to maintain but easily a hairdue that blends in and without long eyelashes and a styled look, jeez you could end up looking like a boy..Well, I'll give her credit for being brave and she has the face and body to pull it off along with style icons like Mia Farrow and Twiggy, perhaps Rhianna as well:-)The ggod thing with being a celebrity is 'wipp with the wand' and voila they have long hair again..'The magic of extensions'..just think about Britney that shaved her hair off, I would love if she could skip the fake hair and show it short..probably doesn't suit her to have you here..xx Alice

Yes, I agree, she is absolutely brave to cut it all off! I'm only waiting for that part in a play or a movie where I have to cut it all off! I once auditioned for a role that had to have really short hair, but I did'nt get it and actually I was quite relieved... But at the same time it wold be kind of good to have that reason to do it. Then you wouldn't have to regret it if it looked stupid, I meen you had to do it!
And you're right, big celeb's will fix it with money and extensions...
All the best to you Alice!?

I love her new haircut! I think it's adorable on her. I miss her beautiful massive hair though. But, it will grow back eventually. :) I'm a big fan of the Harry Potter books, but I can't seem to get into the movies for some reason. It's weird!

PS. I added you to my blog list and I'm now following you on bloglovin. I'm so happy we're blog friends now!! xoxo

Hi Jennifer! Thank you, so nice to be cyber friends:-)I'll make sure to stop by often..Thanks for following and adding my link, your on my site as well..I like Emmas brave haircut, but (there is always a but) I wouldn't go for it myself. I have a fear of looking to old and 'lady' like..As I went backpacking around India I've noticed that all the women has beautiful long hair, often tied up tough but still..and you should have seen the look of the indian ladies faces as a bus full of british ladies stepped out, weraing short hair cuts and big t-shirts and semi short jeans, similar to their husbands no doubt..I guess it's easy to maintain, but so is a pair of 3/4 pants and scholl sandals too..not lovely or unique but comfertable..I have to remind myself never to be comfortable, life is way to short for that!!
xx Alice:-)

I'm crazy about HP myself.. but really crazy. I've read the books in 3 languages and 2 more yet to be read. It has become my "language-study" book. I think Emma is one of the most amazing of the kids in the movie. She's grown to be a beauty and though I was shocked (not necesserely in an unpleasant way) when I first saw her new haircut but now I love it! And thanks for resolving a mistery I was battling with - who does she remind me? Twiggy of course! xx Tali 

I do actually like it on her, although as a general rule I prefer longer hair on nearly every woman. She looks lovely and it suits her young features for sure! Id never be brave enough to do it, th only other person I can think of that look better with short hair is Halle Berry...

she looks pretty with her new looks perhaps she would be best in past looks with long hair...

Hello there, thanks for your recent comment! I don't think her haircut works for her features, it makes her look like a little boy. Good for her though for having the guts to try something new.

Yes, I would love to exchange links with you. Adding you now! :)


Hi Rachel! Thanks for your comment, I agree, it's a fine line between looking like a boy or looking amazing,odd and well trimmed with attitude. While I was in Australia a few weeks ago, at Bondi Beach to be exact I saw a lot of girls cut on one side, longer on the other side and all over short. Anything with a suntan looks great anyways. It's hard having a short do because you have to express your femininity in your clothes all the time..?always nice to hear your comments..xx Alice Your added to my site as well:-)Thanks for the swap, are you designing your own collections in Italy? I studied fashion in Florence, saw that you've been there too..

I prefer hair longer but she does look stunning with the pixie chop! I always had long hair until last year and I told they hairdresser to cut it so I looked my age, I came out with a gorgeous bob which I loved for a week but got so bored of it. I have grown it out now but wish it was easier to change hairstyles without having to grow it back out.
Thanks for your comment, it was interesting to read your story and made me think a lot about what I want to do x

Hi Kate! Thanks for your comment, I know!I got tired about my dry blond semi long dry hair and while I was working in a Mall I saw a girl, in a well polished, shiny bob. It looked so fresh and straight and shiney.. When I came home I grabbed the mirror, placed it infront of me and started cutting (I've had so many disappointing haircuts)at different hairdressers so I simply tought that I could do it myself, jeeez I couldn't and instead of looking healthy and freshly cut it just curled in wonkey ways and was even more frizzy..I am not a bob girl..saying that, I love people with the right hair quality to pull if off. Again, it just takes so much time to grow it all out again like you said..We all want to be able to remove our biker helmet and have a full set of Holloywood hair falling out, or a trendy nice cut with a long skinny neck and a tight black little dress? Hmmm...I'll just save my frizzy long hair for now even if I would like to see myself in short hair like that, I can imagine you would save atleast 20 minutes a day not mocking around with any hair..he he..xoxo Alice

I love Emma's new haircut and it's similarities to Twiggy! I think it really brings out her features and suits her delicate features! I think her longer hair kind of made her look a little drab and it's kind of fitting with the Harry Potter movie era ending that she would do a drastic change.

Hi Raman! I have been thinking about the pro's and cons about an edgy cut. I mean, being slim and pretty like Emma, nothing can go that wrong. I think, being young carrying a short hair due works, I'm just scared to look like a chubby old lady with that style..You are right, that a dramatic cut was just was she needed as she moves ahead away from the teen years doing Harry Potter, it's like the end of an era and I guess and end of the innocent curls..I remember Winona Ryder doing something similar, and then we have the complete shave off by Britney, perhaps and a display of not being a teen idol anymore. It does make a statement anyhow:-)Love to hear your thoughts and great to see you here:-)Might discuss some other looks soon, I think it's pretty interesting hearing your thoughts..:-)Alice

hi honey, thank u soo much for leaving such a cute comment on my blog!!! would love to have u as my follower!!! have great sunday!! KISSES from NYC julia

Hi Julia!
Thanks for your comment, no linkswap or follow back? Leave a comment here once it's done and I'll do the same;-)Time to say, happy Monday then..xx Alice

Am a medicare fan of Harry Porter. She looks more like a fashion model than an actress with her new haircut now *Thumb Up* Wholesale fashion clothing discount - T-shirts, tops, polo shirts at low price at lleitmotif this time only.

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