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Dr Martens, a bad memory...

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Dr. Martens gives me the chills, not the thrills..

Wednesday 30 September

dr martens

click here for the Dr. Martens range

dr martens daisy love

So they are back..I knew it, like anything buried way back in a box in the attic: or in my case just donated to the Salvation Army (for whatever good they ever did there). I looked terrible in them, big and clumpsy feet on a rather big and clumpsy teenager. Never the less, everybody had them and to join in on the trend there was different ways to go about it. The most radical girls made the steel visable scarping the front of the boots on any pavement and rocks avaliable. Cutting and ripping their jeans and joyfully jumping in their docs in the morning. What was it all about, a fashion statement? something that would rebel against any baby blue ralph lauren shirt or other well dressed levis girl? In what way I never really figured out. "Rebellic, punk, rock, here I come: crazy wild child or something like that?"..I gave it a go like any other semi blonde teen back then. One thing is sure, I don't want to do it again, god no..

floral dr martens

To leave on a positive note, I have to commend the brand for charging the market with new colors, luring Pink and Flower prints and there will surely be new users that didn't do a 'punk' version of it all and they can reviwe their Dr Martens in a combo of exquisite dresses.

dr martens agyness deyn

"A bag of mix", Agyness Deyn combines white Dr.Martens with rolled up jeans, navy stripes, over sized suit jacket and a taxi driver hat..

dr martens

Red high heel Dr Marten boots..

dr martens

dr marten wearers

Brief history about the 'brand' Dr Martens:

Doc Martens is a special brand, its history going back until the World War II. Their inventor, Dr. Klaus Martens was a German army doctor during the war.
He needed to create special shoes for himself due to an injury that he sustained while on vacation.

In 1947 Klaus went into business with his friend, Dr. Herbert Funck, and the two began designing "comfort" shoes that were wildly popular with women over the age of 40.
60 years after, they have become, once again, a must-have when it comes to fashion, attitude and style.

Like Dr Martens?

click here to view their latest range of dr. martens

Love to hear some comments on this..




Hi. I like your blog. well done!

I'm not sure why, but I do... Maybe it's because I see shoes as boring, or at least that's what i see on the streets. A few color is needed in our otherwise dull and sad lives..

There are many people in the world who likes merchants of this Brand and I am one of them.

Doctor martens made that shoe specially for self use due to an injury in war but now a days its become popular in the fashion world.

I also like DR.Martens shoes! They are the best! - the story of Dr Martens. It is very interesting!

so sad!! I am looking for all my docs now that I have a use for them (halloween costume) but I think that I gave mine away :( and I especially liked the green wingtip oxfords I had in middle school. I am sure someone is happy to have picked them up at Salvation Army, so I can't be that upset I guess.

Growing up in my city only punks and skinheads wore Doc Martens. This is what I associate them with now. But now I am trying to picture them in the floral print boots. heheheh

Also, After almost 10 years in the Military I really do not like thick soled boots of any kind. Aahhahahah

Still dreaming about velvet shoes! :D

Hi Evelyn! Ha, ha..I know the feeling. It's something about the weight of them that make me feel like half a man when I am wearing them..I can still remember the sound as I walked to school, chunk..clonk..scratch, chunk..clonk..donk..well that was when I've upgraded to 'metal' in the front..Gosch, and big jeeez..I wouldn't like to find any photos of me back then.I know the both of us are dreaming about velvet, guess what..Dr. Martens comes in velvet now too..he he, would that be the best of 2 worlds, not for me:-)xx Alice

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