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Diane von Furstenberg and the Gold sequin blazer

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Diane von Furstenbergs golden sequin..

diane von furstenberg

I know, I have been writing about gold and sequins before but this blazer is something worth considering, from Diane von Furstenberg.. and I say that with prestige since I have the Tuxedo Sequin in my own collection, up for grabs as well, black and red sequin mini's great for every party througout the whole year, years I might add since sequins never seems to go out of fashion, except for the cut that is..


I'm on my road trip now, heading through hilly landscapes 'wowing' over green lush fields with white curly sheep scattered on the hillsides, old palm trees creating a tropical sea view between yellow,red and gray rocks. Sandy beaches, rock beaches, stormy ocean, calm ocean, turquoise colored or almost white from all the glittery waves in the sunlight. It's so beautiful! Here in NZ there is also a celeb amongst the sea creatures and that is the dolphin Moko. A lonely dolphin that has the recent months been on the cover of every local magazine when steeling boogie boards and coming up close to play with people in Mahia Beach on the East coast. I wanted to see it with my own eyes and perhaps connect with him, I imagine me and the dolphin in a quiet bay, well that didn't really happen. Yesterday when we arrived to the beach there was heaps of people and one in particular that was really 'hogging' Moko. A guy fully kitted in snorkel gear and wet suit and he and Moko seem to really get along, well he wanted us all to think so, swimming around trying to get a free ride on Moko's dorsal fin. It was pretty enjoying and we all kind of stood there, with sea weed in our hands ready to play and perhaps get a photo like all the other tourist had before us. It suddenly felt explored and not nice, crowding up with German surfers and a few quiet couples holding cameras and whispering complaints over the nucent snorkel guy..

diane von furstenberg

I got my five seconds and Moko did come up to me, checked if I had any fun toys around and then quickly left, but I pattered him and got perhaps a little bit of a connection. Then off for some fishing and it ended up being heaps of action and fun!

Enough about that, now in a field filled with big cows and a great ocean viem right at nicks head just a few kilomters from Gisborne, so I'm ready for a morning coffe and a wash after fishing and free camping. In the middle of it all I found some beautiful pictures of Diane von Furstenbergs Gold Sequin Blazer that I just had to show off, and with that some more sequin, the glittery and goldy and little bit gay that I love, it doesn't really go out of style does it?

xoxo Alice



Another darling for spring and summer/09 from Zara's Collection

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! I absolutely love those sequined mini skirts - I want them both!

Yes! I totally agree, these skirt are really really  lovely,but you really have to watch your hips in this one,well a highwaist gives a nice shape with some hips so better try one of these on first?..

I'm thinking sequin stretch in meter fabric and a sewing machine, shouldn't be to hard to make?anyone with a tips are more then welcome to comment..

Have a good one, I am..Love Alice 

Hej Alice!
Kolla din inbox på Facebook!

Hi Anna, bride to be!!
Thanks lovely for the message on Facebook and beautiful invitation, arrived days ago at humble porch in Ashhurst..Have been Crossing my fingers att jag kunnat slänga mig iväg fr mitt nya liv här och bara dyka upp, men allt är inte så lätt..har precis ordnat jobb och arbetar fullt ut med kollektion och nyinköpt Ambulans, so future mr and mrs B what to do, jobs and obligations in NZ(me and my man that is)it is diffulcult to jump on that plane..what to do A? 
I'm still trying to plan things and hope to get back with a answer soon but it's leaning towards a no show..that doesn't mean that you guys are due for a handmade gift from me and Ross and the kiwi country...
Love in a million for now..Alice

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