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How to Custom your Clothing labels..

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Custom Clothing Labels

How to Make your own Clothing Labels? Here is How I made mine..10 Easy Steps!

custom clothing labels

Monday, October 25 th. Project "Alice Making her own Labels" instead of ordering some, has just finished. I set out: about 4 weeks ago to make a new Labels 'since I've changed my name:-)' and thought it to be an easy task..Little did I know..that it was that complicated, emailing several companies, getting delayed answers and lots of maybe's. Saying that, my design that I had in mind was perhaps somewhat demanding?. Company after company wanted it to be a weave, couldn't do my size *7.5 cm x 9 cm or that vintage look I was after was impossible for them to achieve. One Print Office could do it for a minimum of 1200 Labels! If I only planned to sell that many garments:-) So I set out to Make them myself (crafty as I thought I was:-)

First Step! Design the Logo-or Label in Photoshop

custom clothing label

Second Step! Make as many labels(in the size I wanted, this time 5 cm x 6.5 cm)as I can on one single sheet, A4 that is..(always save the design for Web Device, JPG high qlty)

sew in labels

Step Three! Test print so that the size and all labels fit on the sheet..

Step Four! To be able to print them on a special paper, DO NOT USE LASER PRINTER for that special IRON ON PAPER, I did and it all glued and melted up, luckily I had my 'handy' husband nearby..

Step Five! You have printed the labels on a normal paper, great, now you need to REVERSE the print. Like this--->


How do you reverse them in Photoshop? Easy: Go to EDIT, then Click on TRANSFORM, you will see a box of options popping up, click on HORIZONTAL..done:-)

Step Six. Print on, will have to buy: HP (or any other brand for that matter)IRON ON Transfer paper. I got 26 sheets for about 36 NZ. One sheet fitted 10 Labels. I bought this paper in a normal stationary shop.

hp iron on transfers

Step Seven. Print the Labels, reversed (make the settings High qlty and for Photo-paper)The instructions follows on the Transfer paper, but it's important that the paper is turned the right way..

Step Eight. After printing, choose a fabric of your liking, see my examples. They do however recommend you to use a fabric that is light weight/cotton. I started of with a heavier Calico but it didn't turn out that nice so with the thin cotton it was much better--->

how to make your own clothing labels

Step Nine. iron on, about 3 minutes on the highest setting possible and no steam, press the ironer a little against the paper and move slowly up and down and then sideways.

Step Ten! Finished, well, you just need to cut the Labels and I actually washed it once to see how it held up after washing, perfect..but I would recommend you to wash the Labels (if you want to) before cutting, jeeez..otherwise they will curl up,(I did that too:-)

clothing labels


:-The best thing with printing your own Labels is that you can easily change your logo or colour by season or just play around with other designs like animals, painted items of your own or anything else worth printing, all in the quantity that you prefer..

clothing labels sew on

xx Alice PS. If you want ot share any Tips on How to make your Clothing Labels, leave a comment below..

P.s For screenprinting and more Larger Prints I have done an article about 2 options for Screen printing, one is if you want to get started printing t-shirt after t-shirt where is the other one is more for a fun One Off garment where you use glue and hand paint right on the t-shirt. To read that article just click on the blue text here How-to-Screen-print-T-shirt all the best and hope to hear some comments from 'designers' getting started printing:-)


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You've indeed done a great job and as such I'd love to share tips on making my own label.

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