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Crochet Lace, I love the antique style it brings!

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I know Autumn is on most peoples doorstep, even winter with it's thick coats of snow and crisp skies. But being in New Zealand makes for an exception. It's gently warming up (really gently I might add) but it's getting there. Sun in the early mornings, setting sunsets in all red and pink shades and then what remiss of a summer breeze and smells of flowers and new cut grass..It's lovely in every way possible.

crochet lace tunic

lace vase

Photo from David Schwartz Photography featured in The Bride's Cafe

weathered white wood

Always brings that summer feel on, white decor and ocean breeze,white weathered wood..

crochet lace leg warmers

crochet applique


crochet lace dress

Crochet lace dress from

blue lace dress pic from simply bloom

Blue lace dress, love the fields and the summer light: phot taken: and from Snippet and

 crhet lace dress

Pic from

cream lace dress

Pic from

I love all the lace! you're so lucky it's starting to be spring and not winter! -Meagan

What a beautiful blog! Im so happy you stopped by and left your link! Im following on Bloglovin'!


Hi Chels!
Thanks for stopping by here as well and for being following on Bloglovin:-) Your sketches are great! xx Alice

Yes winter is just getting started here in the states. Love the lace look, so feminine.'s weird being a bit opposite and enjoying summer now..but we've had our share of rain-longest autumn:-)thanks for stopping by!!xx Alice

I love the emergence of lace in fashion. I have been dreaming about it, and would love to have a beautiful blouse of lace and ribbon. .. sigh...

Hi Evelyn..
I totally forgot that this was your vision..he he..well now you see how right it is:-)I am soo curious on both our collections..Hope to see you here soon! xx Alice

Ahahahah! I am so curious about our collections as well. I know that yours will be stunning and original. I have no idea what mine will be like...ahahahah.. still stuck in business mode. :P But I am getting so inspired by you and your blog, the wheels of creativity and slowly starting to turn. You just seem so natural at finding the beauty in things and putting it together! <3<3<3

Hi Evelyn!
Thanks, what a flattering comment, it's always nice to get some feedback and 'extra nice' when it's all positive he he..Yes, we have to stop our business mode's and start sketching and creating istead, yeez..we are creators right:-)..My Collection is all inspired by berries, beleive it or not, the colours are all Rasberry red, Dusky Blueberry and Moss green as my no 1 pick..It has some lace as well, more of that thorned and vintage look and everything is cozy..just as I want all my clothes to be..he he..well, just emailed a Seamstress and a CMT Manufacturer yesterday so things are moving forward? All the best! Have you followed me on Bloglovin by the way? I really need some more followers there!
All the best!!xx Alice

lace is so elegant
thanks for stopping by my blog too Alice !
and for your email replys and everything
you've been a lot of help to me!


Alice! Thanks so so much for the lace!! I am so excited for spring to officially be here! I am going to break out all of my white lace. It just seems so clean and crisp, perfect for a spring picnic. If you have any machine embroidery designs, I'd love to see some!

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