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Colorful Hair, would you color your hair blue and bright pink?

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Photo from Bright Colorful Hair for your New Year?

Project Runway has finished and I can't help feeling a little bit empty inside, not having those Thursday TV nights to look forward to anymore. One of the contestants: Emilio Sosa, aka E-Sosa from NY named his final 'Fashion Week' Collection: Color me Bad. I can still hear him say "Bad" with a deep voice creating a little bit of a 'cliff hanger' before the first model entered the Catwalk. Hmm..I'm such a TV buff getting stuck on subjects like this. I should focus on my own Collection previews and 'movie star like' introductions. Anyways, I tought: What better subject then something still considered a little bit 'bad'. It's certainly not the 'norm' for what you often demand at the hair salon. Flipping through their catalogs and then pointing at warm hazelnut, pretty summer blonde's or highlights like Jennifer more-->


Photo from Rachel McAdams, have you seen the Notebook? You just have to..


Photo from Bright highlights from Zac Pozen Spring Runway-10


I loved my own 'little pony' and opted for the rainbow hair from

I remember coloring my hair blue in the fifth grade, not using any gloves. Blue hands for over a week! I guess I learned the hard way, while feeling amazing in my new take on a '80's' rock color and look. It only lasted for a few washes to then turn Grey, giving me an overall washed out look. However, using color is the best way to stand out, and if it's well colored, styled and toned down..I like it. (If you don't want to wake up to a 'rainbow' I have seen bright multi colored clip on highlights, great for New Years) What do you think?


Photo from


Photo from


Photo from Pastel hair like Strawberry Blonde or Grey highlights?

rainbow hair

Photo from a bit more attitude..

Awesome! I love dyed hair! I used to dye it hot pink until 3 years ago, it was so nice and I miss it! Although I don't think I'd go with such a strong colour now, it takes a certain style and clothing colour choices! In fact I did dress only black and pink back in those years!
By the way, if you're going to dye your hair again and forget the gloves, remember to wash your hands with nail varnish remover, it does work! (ahaha personal experience duh ;D )

Hi Vivian..the good old times..aye..:-)well, I thought blue was the best thing since the invention of fake fur and wood clogs in the summer. I should have had a big sister instead of a twin brother, so much more help and tips like the one you've just given me. Saying that, I guess learning from my mistakes has a somewhat bitter sweet charm to it as well.
I wouldn't mind getting some bright streaks for New Year, it's just the idea of looking pale- wearing no make-up and being 30 that makes me think twice about getting a 'colorful' hair due, I lovely does one look with a 'messy morning' pink and blue colored birds nest and some sooty left over mascara? I have however grown up a bit since those days and religiously wash and scrub my face these days with little or no risk of any 'smudge' the day after, what happend to 'living a little'...I can always go nuts with my intended sequin dress..
xx Alice:-)

I just love the blue one, hum... Are you sure the girl in picture is not superwoman?



i dyed my hair pink and blue when i was 12, i dont think i could ever do it again.

Hi Obscure:-
I think I was about that age, perhaps 10-11 when I went Blue..even tough the most scary part of a bright hair color was washing it out in the shower, starring at your feet as the water in that hue gently streams around your toes and you think 'damn it, don't stain the bath tub'. But it never did, instead it miss-colored my hands, yes and the back of my neck and ears. Making me look like a premature Avatar in the 90's. Was anything allowed in the 80's? and since I've kind of missed that, I think some will revive and miss-color their hair's a teenage must..Again, I might just stick by my blond curls but the seed has been planted..:-)..Alice

I loved my little pony, I need to see if I can find my collection. They maybe a collectors item on ebay, will check out later today and let you know.



The part of me that loved watching anime as a child really likes that blue and pink style! I've always dreamed of doing it just for fun, but I think I'm too old now to experiment like that haha Garnier wants you to rock your style this season! Enter Part 3 of my Holiday Giveaway Bonanza to win a special Garnier prize pack!

Aren't we all getting older, I'm just wondering where the limit for any punky, blue style have to pass? When are we really too old? Perhaps it's reasons like, we have been there and done it that makes us, not wanting to do that again:-)Well, every time and trend has it's charm and perhaps we all do it justice by remembering it rather then re-live it?
Big Hugs and Christmas Wishes! Alice

I love colored hair! I used to have blue in my hair when I was in high school; I would still love to have some color sometimes but to stay appropriate in college & work I have to keep natural lol.

Love these looks!
I put pink highlights in my hair a few years back and it was so fun!


P.S. You should link this lovely blog on your Blogger profile page, darling!

Hi Alice, I have emailed you before. I have had your link up for months. I read your blog often. Thanks for the offer of exchanging links. Your blog is listed under Lovely Lady Links. I have you listed as Hot Cake you want it to be called Alice's Hot Cake Fashion? Let me know.
By the way I love My Little Rainbow Pony, but no rainbow hair for me. 8>)

I just love bright coloured hair incorporated on the runway or editorials. It looks amazing in these photos! So I think I am more keen on the idea of temporary hair color, like fake hair weaved in for a day. It just seems difficult to have bright hair in everyday life....and difficult to match every outfit too! When I was younger I had black and blonde hair, but that was the most crazy I went. :)

If I could make my hair look as gorgeous as the women in these photos, I would dye it rainbow colors in a heartbeat! LOL! Unfortunately, I don't think my tresses would turn out as glamorous. :P

Ooooo I'd totally pick the blue!! I've never had blue hair but I think it would rock!!!

Thank u so much for stopping by my blog! Your blog is adorable & so special! Of course I'll follow you!! =) I'll be following your bloglovin!! =) Have a good one!! =)

Dyed hair sure does create a dramatic, perhaps drastic, effect and fashion statement of originality and personality, especially when the desired color is one that is shockingly bright and/or unique, but we all know, that as fabulously fun dyed hair can be, it is not the best option to sustain healthy, gorgeous hair.

Dyeing your hair causes hair folicles to weaken, therefore damaging the hair itself, making it brittle, and prone to break or split. Dyeing your hair ensues lasting damage.

Although, I must admit, dyed hair is a neat addition to to a first impression, and it says a lot about the individual without saying a single word. I think we can all agree that hair dyed in fantastic, eye-popping colors, is stunning to look at.

For myself, I choose not to dye my hair, and never have, for my hair is healthy and beautiful, and I see no need to dye it.

Until next time, Chloe

I wish I was brave enough to dye my hair a fun color! I don't think my work would like it too much :)

And thanks for stopping by my blog! I would be happy to exchange links with you. I'll also follow you and would love for you to do the same :)

... wish I was brave enough to don that blue and purple-y gloriousness that is that girl's hair ... especially with one of my favorite accessories (the black horn-rimmed glasses) too!


P.S. Merry, Merry Christmas to you, Alice! I just "liked" you over on Facebook and now I'm about to type you into my Bloglovin' too - I just think you are the greatest, chickadee!

Best Bex!

Aren't you lovely..I like you right back! I wouldn't mind blue hair if I could look exactly like that, mmm my hair has another has it's own life and goes from curls to dry frizzy, flat and dull and then suddenly all shiny and smooth (once in a blue moon) and usually after a visit at the local hair salon..If I ever get my past my nerves I wouldn't mind atleast some blue highlights:-) Your the best!! Merry Christmas and have a really happy sparkly and perhaps colorful New Year! xx Alice

I love colored hair and Ive done it all, blond, red, pink, purple, black.. all before I was 21. I had to stop because my hair was falling out! haaa. That said I really love the grey and pastel high-lights. Hmmm.
p.s. I was also my little pony mad!

I wish I was brave enough to dye my hair a fun color! I don't think my work would like it too much

Dyeing your hair causes hair folicles to weaken, therefore damaging the hair itself, making it brittle, and prone to break or split. Dyeing your hair ensues lasting damage.

im 14 and unsure what color and IF to color my hair. should i?? and how do i convince my mom?? [:

Try Herbatint. It is found at natural stores. It leaves the hair silky feeling and doesn't contain as harsh as chemicals. FF4 I believe is bright violet!

Can anyone give me more details about the girl from the first picture?She is so sweet..i think i fall in love :))

I love to color my hair! When I was younger, I used to beg my mom to have my hair colored. During that time, hair coloration was considered expensive and I usually end up buying hair accessories just to get that uuumph... :)

you all sound very 46 and i have two young girls..they color there hair.i have done mine many times....your only as young as you only have one life so have fun.everyone needs color in the diffrent.white hair was for old ladys but look at everyone now...bleaching there hair trying to get white...OUT SIDE THE BOX.....

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