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Chunky Knitting I love that Spring Fling

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chunky knitting

Picture from Gosh,(gosh collection)I have emailed them to get price and where to buy this gorgeous knit,when I know more I'll post an update:-)


The sun is out and with that my eager to head somewhere, not just wait around for some 'magic and much longed for' samples to arrive her in NZ. Instead I want to learn something, explore something and why not..knitting? Well, it might not come as the very best idea being in a foreign country that is super famous for it's beautiful landscapes and action sports. I should Bungy jump and paddle a long some turquoise colored river. Knitting is just for granny's and wifes with heaps of time on their hands?

Well, it could also be a smart move, providing freedom to create and design getting the sample straight away (well at least seeing it grow when working on it) also timeless in it's designs. I have looked at the Internet for first of all my leather jacket, where is it? but also for some great knitted cardis, I found heaps and I fell in love with most of them. Then after having a closer look I realized that most of the samples where 1, 2 and sometimes 4 seasons old. Still they appealed to me, felt fresh and innovative and new, so I came to the conclusion that knits are timeless and stylish and a chunky, cozy cable knitted sweater can also be used winter, spring as well as summer (we all know that there is nothing cuter and more boyfriend friendly than a girl wearing a over-sized off white cardigan) with a skimpy floral summer dress!

If you don't knit for yourself, knit for your partner(I would love seeing my guy)in a cable knit sweater..

So here it goes Girls!

I have started a knitting School here at Hot Cake Fashion!

Less talking, more action

Lesson number 1, How to hold the needle and yarn

how to knit

1. Hold the needle like your holding a pen(with your right hand)

how to knit

2. Place the yarn between your fingers, start with the yarn from the little finger with the yarn first underneath it and then a circle around it and work your way up towards the index finger.

how to knit

3.How to place the yarn when knitting? Use your index finger to move and push the yarn and place the rest towards the little finger, I thought all this is a bit complicated but not when you start experimenting physically. So just try it out.

how to knit

4. This is what it should look like:-)

I'm off to buy needles and off white yarn and some big size wood buttons, yes I'm excited about designing and knitting my first cardigan, or vest..depending on how it all goes? 

Do you want to join the school and in the end display your knitted masterpiece? Or perhaps you already have one in the wardrobe, all pictures are more than welcome..If you don't want to wait for tomorrows Blogpost and hit the sticks tonight just check out: that has all theese pictures and more..


Good Luck!








Hehe I think it'll still take me a while to go from basic stitching to creating things like that! Maybe I'll just stick to buying it instead ;)

Btw thanks for commenting on my blog :) Sure, I'd love to exchange links, I've added you to mine!

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