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Christmas Shopping Online, get it done at NBC..

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santa claus girl

Okay, I am having the time of my life in the 30 degree heat of Australia's beautiful coast and far away from christmas trees and wrapped gifts but it suddenly dawned on me with all those kids my brother have along with a few dear friends and mom of course, I should probably send them something, yes I should..even if I am oceans away, it's pretty mandatory to atleast send a post card.

squirrel autumn

So, with the holidays suddenly on my heels, I'll bet most of us have to crunch down on some gift shopping. Literally. We have a little over a month to have all our presents bought and wrapped, ready to be given away! Black Friday is in a week and I’m already dreading the traffic and ridiculously long lines at the crack of dawn. That’s why I’ve decided to cut back on my Black Friday shopping and splurge a little more on Cyber Monday! I’ve been scouring sites and online retailers like crazy lately! What surprised me was that I didn’t find it searching through Google, but rather via Facebook. Popped up on my suggestions side bar, ShopNBC showcased a giveaway they were doing with Invicta watches. Unfortunately, it was over but I was still intrigued nonetheless! I did a post last month on their jewelry but completely forgot about them so I’m glad FB reminded me!

antique watches

I want an antique watch for christmas:-)

P.S I also visited their twitter account and I like how ShopNBC tweets daily, letting me know all about their new products and promotions. They even have a YouTube account where ShopNBC shows behind the scenes interviews with designers and styling tips and tricks! I really do enjoy how online retailers have started to associate more with social networking. It makes it so much more fun for us!

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This is a Sponsored Post xx Alice:-)

wow I sound like a genesis song.I am now following you on all your links!!
I really love that antique watch, wouldn't mind one myself for Christmas!! (and a new iphone)ha, now how should i get my boyfriend to see this comment..

Thanks for your comment! I haven't got bloglovin but I do have facebook, so tell me how to follow you and I will do it! Also,come to see my latest post about mitts( perfect for winter) Xoxo /

 Hi! Thanks for stopping by, How to Follow Hot Cake on Facebook..
Just go to the little box on the right banner and simply click Like, once that's done you will have to sign in to your Facebook account unless your already logged in and then basically, Voila..we're friends on Facebook:-)
xx Alice

Hi..ha ha, show this to your boyfriend (let him get you an Iphone) Gosh, I need so many technical things that half would be enough, new cell phone, new laptop..he he(yes a pink one, please) and a really big camera. Santa Claus better see this too..xx Alice

Thank you for visit our blog! We don´t have already fecebook acount for the blog, but we are in bloglovin. Now we´re going to follow you blog. Kisses

I think now I'm your facebook follower! So follow me if you want to :) Today I was at Lanvin's at H&M and it was lovely! Just read my latest post to know all the details! Thanks for your comment, by the way. xoxo,

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