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Womens Brown Leather Jackets - The search for the perfect shade and design..

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Brown Leather Jackets ...I found myself getting inspired by: Blake Lively from Gossip

leather jacketbrown leather jacket

Blake Lively attended Ray ban celebration in Dec-08 in a cute cognac 'burnt red' toned leather jacket with a trendy collar. If you want something more 'umph' have a look at the Fall Fashions latest editions of: biker jacket fall fashion

From a summer to a autumn and still spring?

Yes it might sound weird but I'm really between seasons after almost a year in Asia's hot and muggy climate to a sudden Autumn with rain from right to left, rough winds and thick clouds lingering around the local hills and smaller peaks here in New Zealand.

What happened to my summer? The Fashion lust in me says Spring/Summer with white vintage lace, red lips and a hint of tan and bronze in my face, blond highlights and cute floaty dresses in bright prints. High heels and a knitted cardigan instead of a Down Parka. But nope, after a sunny and rather warm day yesterday the weather plunged here in Ashhurst forcing me to turn all the little tops, skirts and shorts up side down in the hunt for something knitted and warmer than a cotton t-shirt. I found a black polo neck sweater and a pair of slightly washed Diesel jeans so I'm all set. Then again, since I'm between seasons I found a leather jacket as a great addition to a summer wardrobe. It's a long lasting garment, you can wear it to both party's and when going to work/ shopping for grocery's. Well in other words, this garment doesn't only last Spring and colder summer nights, it's also perfect for that right autumn look.

brown leather jacket

New Season from Gossip Girl on the set..check out the group of girls in the background:-)

brown leather jacket

Black isn't bad either..cute details in the back..

How to transfer a Brown Leather Jacket into a Summer Garment?

It's the combination of clothes that goes with it. Wear a small flowered printed dress with a slight puff to get that cute Rockabilly look. Or everything white and lacy, torn ripped and slightly bleached jeans will create a great Spring and Summer Look. What about the shoes? Wear leather sandals for a day to day use, Roman-look, another pair that's really hot is something like the open toe low boots from Marc Jacobs on the side here at Hot Cake.

brown leather jacket

Lindsey Lohan brings a summer feel with a tight size black leather jacket togheter with a cindarella 'proom' dress. 

How to transfer a Brown Leather Jacket into an Autumn Garment?

Easy peasy, knit, knit and then more knits. Layers on layers makes an Autumn so wear a cardigan underneath or an over-sized knitted shawl, for colder weather use both. It's great to use drainpipe-jeans and matching leather boots, this time go for knee-hight boots and with a low heel. Even 'rubber boot'-designs from Hunter and Marc Jacobs will go splendid with this look, that's nailing it

.brown leather jacket

Great mix of knits and leather, leggings and a miniskirt..for a preppy school girl look add a tie, shirt and box square (pleated tennis skirt)

Until I have found my 'holy grail' leather jacket I will keep on hunting, but so far I'm happy to see that the Cognac leather jackets are in Fashion and in the Market...

brown leather jacket

Blake Lively in Ralph Lauren..


Where can I buy it?

Do you have any tips on where to find that gorgeous Brown Leather Jacket? Post a comment below..


All the best! Alice




thank you for the comment and i'd be happy to exchange links with you, your blog is a pleasure to read.

good luck with your collection!


Hi Emma! You have a great Blog too, just kept on reading it this morning. I saw that you have added my link on your Blog, super! I have added your one as well..(resources page)
Take Care and always always warm welcome back to Hot Cake and keep up the good job!
Cheers Alice

Love the way see looks :)

this jacket is available at discount

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