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Bridesmaid dress me up..

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What happened to those blossom spring days and long summer nights..and then that beautiful wedding of mine? Since the announcement of my new title as a Maid of honor I have been helping (The Bride to Be) hunting bridesmaid dresses. There is plenty of 'modern' time-less picks at David's Bridal, they've also done a really smart write up about using your brides maid dress a 2:nd time, proving that it's possible to use your fancy 'gown' more then once. The trick is pairing it with different garments, like an oversized knit, a grungy pair of boots or colored leggings. As I warm my cold hands wrapped around my second cup of coffee I watch it steaming against the rainy backdrop and I can't help wishing that I was there again. That I was back in the mist of laughter and sunshine, dramatic eyelashes, yellow and warm sun, curls and as the icing of it all, my apple perfume...


The remembrance of my summer wedding. With a slight excitement I keep sipping that hot coffee knowing that it will all soon come back to me in the disguise of another bride and I'll get the enjoyment of an illusive, brief and ever so lovely day of dressing up..


wedding close up

christmas wedding shoes




.......cold wet grass, quiet and still in the morning as the sun slowly heats the soil..

These photos are STUNNING. I really like the idea of brides choosing more modern dresses for their bridesmaids, which can be legitimately worn again on other occasions. I always swore when I was a bride, I would do just that. I've been in TOO many weddings where I simply could not use the dress a second time. And it's so frustrating because the dresses are SO expensive. Sigh.

Hi Jennifer!

Thanks for your comment, I's hard finding a Bridesmaid dress that can be worn more then 'for just that particular day':-(, well, the good news is..I found a pretty lace and cream dress at David's Bridal that definitely can be used for many more special occasions. Normally you get stuck with a peach satin dress that won't be used for anything but a few hours and then hung in the wardrobe..xx Alice

Thanks for your comment. You have a great blog, so I can put your link on my list of blogs too. I will follow you on fb & twitter too =) xoxo Lorea & Sara.

Thank you girls for adding me..will make it a weekly stop:-Welcome back! xx Alice

Great idea! I mean photos under the water... Looks very gracefully

Ooh I love these!!! (I actually don't do link swaps, I feel like its unfair to all the blogs not on it [with the exception of my must reads], but all the blogs I follow show up in my bloglovin widget on the side randomly)

These photos are stunning, darling Alice!
Especially loving the second one!

Merry Christmas!!


Hi Carrie! Thanks..yes, aren't the water shoots pretty..I have mixed and trixed around with my profile on Blogger, thanks again for the note..I really needed to update it, not a second to late..he he..I wish you a relaxed Christmas and a Happy New Year sweety! Big Hugs (from your fan:-) Alice

Hi! Thank you for the comment! I added your link to my blog roll and would love for you to add me back!

Thanks! Woneful with such a quick and smooth swap, I have added you to my 'hot cake likes' list..Big Hugs and as always..Warm Welcome Back! xx Alice

Hey so I read your post on my blog, I'm following you with bloglovin :) Tereza

Hi Tereza! Thanks for the following and for stopping by at Hot Cake:-)xx Alice

Hello, thank you for your kind comments on my blog! I’ve taken a look on your site and I love the style its simply stunning nice work, quite lovely! To answer your question, yes I’d like to swap links! I’d love for you to add me on the leftover space for your banners for VIPS & I of course will do the same :) Just send me a banner & I shall advertise. Hope you can follow back as well !

Hi Catherine! I have added you to the right under Daily Reads..:-)Love to keep following you and hope to see you back soon..Big Hug! Alice

These photos are absolutely gorgeous & so inspiring!

Hi! I am adding you to my fashionable blogs. Will you do the same for me in return? thanks so much!! These pictures are so lovely!! xxx

Hi Priscilla..
I love feeling something when looking at a picture, if it's water..all the more reason. Light, wind, anything in nature really effects me:-)so I am super happy that you like the photos..more to come..also,congrats, your officially part of my Blogroll!!Welcome sweet and hope to see you here soon..xoxo Alice

Hi Priscilla! Thanks for stopping by and of course, I'll add you right back:-)Thanks sweet and have a really relaxing Chirstmas and birght and sparkly New Year! xx Alice

The photos are so stunning..I love the idea of underwater images:) You have a beautiful blog here:)...Thank you so much for your lovely comment:) So sweet of you:)

I would love to swap links:)
Kisses and talk to you soon:)

Thank you very much for your message in my blog, I appreciate a lot you wonna add to your blog's list!:)) Very nice blog and impressive biography!

Thanks for stopping by my site:) I really love your blog, it is so dreamy and all the pictures are amazing, especially like the underwater one but it is a though draw..all are so pretty! we should follow eachother on bloglovin:) Wish you a fantastic holiday! Xo Nina

Hi Nina!
Aren't they all lovelt..I am following you on Bloglovin, hope your following right back:-)Big hugs and a Merry Christmas, oh..I have seen sheer black pants and skirts at revolve clothing, it was a little while back but I would get that a go..they have a lace pair as well:-)xoxo Alice

That 3rd picture is just so gorgeous!!! :)SarahD

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog recently. Those photos are gorgeous! I love everything about weddings! At one time I thought it would be fun to be a wedding coordinator, but maybe not if you get a Bridezilla...haha...Hope you have a very Merry Christmas and please stop by my blog again.

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