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Bride to be..the wedding shoes part.1 - My best friends wedding

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Karen Millen, Yes I do..and she yes she did!

bridal-shoe bridal-shoe

Got an email from my best friend and soon to be Spring Bride..(but first a little update about me)

It's a cloudy and mellow Sunday here in Ashhurst, I'm keeping busy by trying out some of my (never cooked) Swedish meatballs in the New Zealand kitchen. I haven't tasted anything yet but so far, it has the shape of a meatball, the size and with some yellow pieces of garlic sticking out it almoast looks like grannys famous christmas meatballs. I have to wait and see by the dinner table later tonight, perhaps an aquard moment of silence and then"well,it's different".

Better do than don't? Someone that rather did than didn't is my best friend, someone that has always been there and is simply lovely in all possible ways, Anna. She did it. Yes, the big thing we all dream of, now going to get married with a first yes and now planning this big event all by herself. I just got an email last night with a small link, she got the shoes and reffered to splurge and the sex&city must have. I do agree, if you ever by shoes for a wedding, what better than walk down the isle wearing these? Updates will come, for now I just have to send congrats to her and the prince worthy of her heart...

So a brief overwiew, after years of ups and downs for this couple with somedays roses and..well, not any roses at all, we all needed a good ending or big beginning for this love-bird couple, maybe as a reflection of our own lovelifes and the belief that love does happend and when it does it's rosy, pink and ends up in a fairytale wedding. Admitting, that they have always being the perfect match, with thougths of "they inspire eachother to grow", they challenge eachother and most important, really love eachother. I saw the Bafta Awards recently and one winner said something in the line: 'This price is for my wife, for what I wanted to become, for what I am and for what I will be, this is for you, my daisy" this made me totally tear-up and I had to discreatly wipe the mascara off the corner of my eye, mascara in the eye can really sting by the way. Not being to naive,couples do have opinions, great onces and strong onces that sometimes clash and sometimes are perfectly synced and with this, Anna and her Fredric is always exciting with a big "keep it young, attitude" which I love, for me it's the Mr.Big and the adorable Carrie, picture perfect, but god help him if she's left by the altar in May...

Anyways, they are now finally getting married and he pop the question at a humble but "oh so romantic" picnic arranged, overlooking the city skyline and with a dreamy red sunset in the background, the question we all been waiting for and of course Anna,no here it is, the big event that I'm following on Facebook and Hotmail like it was one of my favourite soaps, with lots of anticipation I might add..

Karen Millen it is..

bridal-shoebridal-shoeThis is the wedding shoes!! Occasion satin sandal Karen Millen Ref FG032 Satin peep toe sandal with ankle strap, bow detail and diamante cluster with a 10cm heel. Price: 135 pound

Sharing her goodies girls, for all us dreamers and perhaps us that just want's a pair to 'walk-in-big-day-splurge-princess-shoes' before he even says "do you want to..", better start now if they are going to be comfertable enough to dance in or just use that as a good excuse to spend a little on yourself.


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