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Boho chique in central city this summer

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boho dress

There is no surprise to anyone reading a few blogposts here at Hot Cake F that I am missing the summer, instead stuck in a semi winter here in NZ, what happened to sunsets, lazy days on the beach and wearing dresses? I splurge enjoying boho chique girls owning the city centrals online instead, I'd just love the mix and match of is some great picks! Go boho and enjoy the heat girls!

boho dress

boho dress

For a hat similar to this I found some great styles here: strawhat and for the dress, I actually have one more left here: alice&co

xx Alice

This is splendrous. Love these pictures! :)

Hi Fashionista!

Thanks lovely you for the comment, yes isn't this fab. I actually got my hands on this dress and it's a 'must' in the summer wardrobe, I'll have to go for leggings or drainpipe jeans and a heavy knit tough since NZ isn't offering any summer weather, 'cozy' style and 'layering' is the my new best friend.

Lots of Love Alice:'-)

So perfectly put together, it looks effortless and fun!

Hi Miss J!

Yeah, isn't this how 'fashion' should be all about, throw your styles togheter and create a relaxed and stylish outfit that looks casual and relaxed yet thought through. I'm all in when it comes to big size raybans and flower prints, combine it with straw hats and high heels..mmmm:-)

Take care, lots of love! Alice

i love this blog, especially the dress featured in this post! it's getting really hot here in england (suprisingly!) and this is just the look i want to be going for so thank you for the inspirationnn! i'm definitely your newest blog follower, i've just started up my own it's not got much but if you could a moment to check it out and leave a comment i'd be so grateful! thank you alice, i'll be a regular visitor :) keep up the good worrrk! xxx

Hi Bianca!

Thanks for stopping by here at Hot Cake F. Great to have you here..great to hear that your starting your own little fashion corner on the internet, always fun to check the neighbours out..By the way, green of envy that you are in England and are enjoying a hot summer since Sweden is only a small plane trip away, here in NZ it's pretty cold..but then again, I am really loving it with all it's tropical island charm. Take care and will make sure to stop by and have a look at your blog.

If you want to swap links with me, please have a look here and contact me when my link is up and I will add you asap:

Lots of Love! Alice

alice fashion

Boho at it's best, divine look!

Hi Libby!

Yes isn't the style fab! I am hunting for that basket looking bag, would love to have something like that for the whole comming season. Would look cute with leather glows, knee high boots and a scottish red checked suit jacket..opps might be the cold weather that makes me plan for autumn already..

Love Alice

alice fashion

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