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Womens Fashion Biker Jackets, Motorcycle jackets..studs and zips..the loved one has many names


black studded biker jacket dorothy parkins

Black studded leather jacket from Dorothy Perkins, pretty paired with a tulip shaped dress..

Thinking about my desperate attempt to find something similar to 'Gossip Girls' Brown Leather Jacket I will definitly rethink and recharge when it comes to the perfect Biker/MC Jacket.

I have already found a white piece from 'Kimberley's', anyone in NZ should have received that new catalouge by now..Breezing through other old fashion Magazines and having an over all look at this years jacket fashion, I couldn't help noticed that the leather biker jacket is re-occuring for this Fall Fashion as well, and good on it (this fit and trend is not ready to leave yet, in fact we can probably suspect a runner up with a small alternation for Spring 2010 as well..)..It comes in soft shapes, waist short and avaliable in every possible price range..(second hand is a good opt as well)As a spice on the fall jackets, there is more studs, added shoulders from Balmain and zips..A good choice comes from H&M's Fall Collection.This item is a real must have and will make a great attribute for parties and knits..

eo ombre mc jacket

Eo Ombre/Elise Overland Leather Jacket, MC 3 tones (they also have a really cute range of leather wallets and bags..)

biker jacket kate moss

There is no secret that Kate Moss is both fashion forward and known to love leather..

sienna miller biker jacket

The most recent way to combine a biker leather jacket, it goes perfectly with romantic prints and dresses..Sienna Miller know's how..


xx Alice


Where to buy a Biker Leather Jacket?

Have you bought a Biker Jacket this year, Season? any tips where to find one is always welcome..


I am a huge fan of seasonal fashion and I am so happy to see the trends go heavily towards studs and spike this year! I have made many DIY fashions and costumes and the best place to get the stuff is studs and spikes they are cheap, fast and really great to work with!

I like when fashions come back in style. I remember back in the 80's and early 90's when everyone had a leather motorcycle jacket and now they are back in. I like how Kate Moss wears her jacket with jeans but not very keen on Sienna Miller with the dress and motorcycle jacket.

Hi Clara!
Thanks for your comment, Yes..I agree, Kate Moss grasp of the biker jacket over rules Siennes by a mile..I like the rock chique look rather then the slightly pregnant dress style of Siennas. Saying that, the combination of flowers and studs are very IN for this season and if the dress was a little bit better fitted it could have been a very nice combo.
I actually went BIKER jacket hunting, just a few days ago but it's still pretty hard finding something in between prices and just the way I want it. One jacket retailed for over 300 NZ and for the lover price option a Second hand shop could be a good idea, but I tried it out. The jackets are either too big, very murky smell and way to much shoulders and padding. I will browse the web as well..any tips, please share girls..
xx Alice

I love the first Dorethy Perkin's leather jacket, I'm really a fan of the studs.

Kate Moss looks great wearing the jacket casually with jeans, not at all keen on Sienna's look here though.

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