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Big Glasses, the next BIG trend?

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They are brown, black, squared or with a soft rounded shape with thicker edges.

Is the BIG GLASSES the next BIG trend or has it just "been and done that" already?

big glasses

big glasses

big glasses

Katie Holmes photo from

Has everyone gone mad, and has everyone been going through their mom's old drawers to find them, the leftover 'reading looking glasses' from the 70's. I don't mind sunglasses a la Rayban 80's style with perky colors but the see through grandpa glasses, let's just say that I have mixed opinions on them, I know that almoast anyone Fashionable and perhaps proud owner of an as equal Fashionable Blog has to have them, wear them and flaunt wearing printed Rockabilly dresses in them.

I don't know, what's the deal of all the grumpy looking photos with girls in over-sized reading glasses? Is it the hidden school girl/librarian to be that needs to be expressed?

I'm not totally against the look, obviously it has intrigued me since I can't stop thinking about this, but a little bit reluctant to doing what everyone else is doing and these glasses is boarderline to make me totally crazy, they are everywhere. It's like a make-over gone bad with 'fugly looking' equals being knowledgeable and fashionable. Everone who's not putting these heavy looking face covering monsters on are considered out. I might feel smarter if I put them on? but rather not since the trend is a follow/follower thing, fashion shouldn't be a statement of 'I stand out that's why I'm in' when it's already been there and done that and standing out in this case seems to be less outstanding..

Would love to hear your comment on BIG GLASSES?


Lots of Love as always!



hi Alice...

great blog...
you are close to our home boys... :)
John & John of

have a great week

mona & the girls

Love the geek chic look; I, however, don't think that I could pull it off.

 Hi Fashionista!

There you go, 'the geek chic look', thats the name I've been looking for, tagging this style..

I agree that there is something weirdly appealing with wearing the 'fugly' glasses and with that combining them it with a trashy over sized white t-shirt, drainpipe jeans, pointy black leather shoes and a grey granpa knitted cardigan..

I know a few guys doing that geek look as well, perhaps where it all started(remember the design student guys years back having beatles hairdues and thick reading glasses)



Hi Mona & Girls!

Getting curious about the 'company and the so called Home Boys' for you and everyone else interested in promoting their own design company I'm open for suggestions and ideas, I'm setting up a side page with designers and smaller personal new design/fashion companys preffer accessories not clothes and for that I want a 500 page original short story about the business and perhaps personal journey how to get there and a link from me to your website..just put in a comment on my contact form if your interested?

Lot's of Love


I've seen this look everywhere lately. When only a few guys were walking around in 'geek chic' I found it pretty cool but now it's getting boring cause everyone is doing it. And why would anyone wear glasses if there's no need to do so. They should be happy they have full eye sight :D

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