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Best Christmas Gifts 2010,what do you want this Christmas?

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If I can have some picks for this year: Here is my collection of ut-most 'must haves'. With that said, like any 'picky' fashionista, don't expect too much from fellow friends and family members (or Santa for that part). The best treat is opting for a shopping spree all by yourself, usually guaranteed to be pleased:-)


A pair of Sunglasses from Karen Walker?Getting styled up for the Spring, yes who says we have to wait. Helter Skelter Model is my favorite.


Who wouldn't like a chunky knit to cuddle up in?This is from Te Naka but I have fallen in love with Elizabeth&James off white pom pom version as well..(photo from


Photo from, Karen Walker's signature Runaway Girl.


True love..Johnny Ramli from Australia has some beautiful pieces(hard sought after)from


Anything Odd Molly..please..picture from Odd Molly feature with Kristensen


I still haven't bought any black nailpolish, I just have too, or simply put it on my wish list! Photo from


Lovely black, just need to keep them well maintained while wearing it..Photo from

 moschino velvet shoes

Anything velvet this year and for 2011, what about a pair of shoes? House of Harlow have a pair of cute flat ones as well, this pair in an aqua blue is from Moschino. Photo


Not a day to late, I need a new Lipstick! I know it's either hot pink, brugundy red or cream, but since I've just ran out of my fav nude gloss I would really want to replace that with a soft nude lipstick (that moisturizes), Estee Lauder have a few nice tips where to get a really creamy one?


What better then a gift card, we all need some pampering right? I would love to try out the 'lash extensions' that you can get in a salon an it's said to last for a good 3 weeks..great gift!


Cute odd stockings from etsy, I would love a pair 'before christmas' actually, perfect for all the family gatherings as a fun contrast to any outfit..'Tatoo stockings' you can buy them at: tatoo


xx Alice (do you have anything that you really, really want for this christmas?)don't forget to share it:-)

I am in love! I love the velvet shoes!! oh pleassse I have been a good girl all year! Well, this month actually, maybe week... today I have been reeeaaaallly good! Velvet shoes please!!

Hi Evelyn..yes, I have been a good girl too..we all need a pair of velvet shoes in our closet right? Guess what designs I am working on right now, velvet, velvet and yes..more velvet..I can't wait. Have a new meeting on Wednesday next week, a bit nervous (she's a designer) puh..but has Manufacturing business on the side, holding my thumbs..Ps. Ev, I have found a designer interested in working with you? But she has ideas for a childrens label 8-14? Could that be a new partner of yours..well, again, I still think your better off all by yourself (I am excited about your lace garments, let's have a competition) who ever can bring the pieces to reality first:-)Love having you here..xx Alice (alicevsmith(at)

You know I love velvet!!

This competition is not fair! ahahah, I am leaving in 10 days for Aus and will be there for 5 weeks! I am hoping to get my designs to the manufacturers before I leave though. Still looking for fabrics too but the store I really want to go to is way across the city and it has been snowing here for a week.

I think I should work by myself but I don't mind knocking ideas of other designers! ( I don't really consider myself a designer yet eheheh)

Funny, I just read about the lipsticks and I got 2 free ones on monday from estee lauder in the same colour! kind of a nude-y pink.

great list I have to add another items on my wish lists though...nice post!!!


hey love I am inviting you to join my Orient watch and Perricone giveaway.

Thank you for commenting on my blog. :) Your's looks really fabulous. About the Dino Knit. I've already sold the actual piece to the model but I can take custom work if you are interested.

Have a lovely day!

A gift is a gift so I would love any gift received by me.But I prefer something unique for me.

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