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Bangkok Fashion Shopping day at MBK - Photos included.

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So it's Spring, not that I have ever felt like shopping for a summerdress in mid January (swedish winters are rough) but Bangkok/Thailand makes a pretty good exception. Well, to be honest where do one start when it comes to getting the cheapest deals and the most lovable designs?

I went to MBK to 'soft' start what later became a shopping frenzy. Anything and everything is here. I have been in Shenzhen/China gone quite mad at outlets and discovered how 'boring' my style has been so far. Chinese people must be the most trendy people in the world. Well, whith that 'heaven' in mind just some months ago I have been slightly mellow when Cambodia and India lacked in so many departments (except for Cambodia's capitol Phnom Penh)eventhough the country and the city's been struck of heavy catastrophy,dark ages,war and the bare thought of whisteling in a dress shop felt repulsive you get into it,transform and in the end the cambodians wanted to dress up too, laugh and of course make money of the white nosed tourists.

I felt happily surprised by the stores offering boho knitted garments with the 'right' vintage look and wash-have seen a lot of hasty garments around with fields of enzyme wash and over-sized letters saying something like; Raw, on the Edge or something similar to the dutch brand creating 96. So, the cambodian stores and stalls where offering checked cute mini-shirts, babyblue and creamy yellow soft t-shirts with the right grandpa buttons and styles, all avaliable at the murky and sweaty Russian Market and so ever popular'Abercrombie&Fitch'/well replicas I have to persume, but ahh so cute 'vintage-looking' hoodie tops and ripped and torned sweatpants, great for lazy homie night I thought and grabbed a bunch.

So with the recent India dryness (then again exceptions must be made, boho-printed tunics and "straw hats"and now and then a worn out looking camel leather bag)all offered in the million,the tunics and harem pants, perhaps by the beachy wibe going on in Southern India at the palm paradise of Goa but the 'western' looking silverprinted t-shirts and the dangerously bad fitted 'too-high'waisted boy jeans not to mention the crazy bad stone washed look put me off even stopping by a street shop or a local market. Me of all people. Not even the 'glittery' saris could help me slow down, mostly made in a mix by rayon,poly and other plastic-shiny materials.

With India and the recent days in Mumbai I have just landed in Bangkok. I have been in Bangkok before and doesn't see myself as a complete novis eventhough I know that I could get a tuk tuk for the magic price of 80 baht but excepts 120 just to skip the hassle. In September 2008 I actually got stuck in Bangkok(a whole month) because of a passport-issue (but I wont bring that up with details of paperwork and cue tickets) so I'm slightly aware of the drill, where to go, and what prices to expect, still have the feeling of always overpaying since they (after much disagreement)suddenly agree so smily and polite about the final price. 

With only a few hours of sleep from flying in yesterday I decided I have to set the alarm to not end up like snowwhite with a blissful half eternity in the dull Guesthouse waking up at 2 pm. Being in Bangkok is like being in an old American movie or the bean stalk story, perhaps Alice in Wonderland, or talking to the tinman in the Wizard of OZ. Bangkok is really like that, big,colorful,crazy and for shopping addicts a heaven brought and built by the gods or the multimillion dollar investment company. This will 'as usually' take time I thought, calculating on the minutes of the day, no lunch but snack on way towards dinner time, perhaps in the tuk tuk when the mall is finally closed.

This is like another of my anecdot's: "Many promises to keep and Miles to go before I sleep"well, there is not going to be any sleep, not while I'm in the mekka of all time but the miles was right, what concerns the 'promises'in the anecdote it might be 'many products to buy'before that sleep. I'm I that superficial?

 I just keep telling myself(and the credit card)that I'm worth it,for whatever reason and that I'm like the rest of us, like anyother normal girl with the constant need of getting more stuff in the wardrobe. So setting the alarm again, the sun has set and and there is theese miles to go again tomorrow, let's just see where it will get me next time. Pantip Plaza and then I heard about the Chinese Market if your into that 'pucca' thing, well..into the crowds of dreadlocks and suntanned hippies on Kao San Road and Spaghetti tops, peasent pants that nobody will wear at home but couldn't live without down here, in a sort of La La land. The La la land that I'm in..

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