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Ashera Cat -in the 'SPOT-light'

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Here a picture from my latest collection: never be naked again, not real leopard fur belt for all worried, but supersoft velvet for the right 'snuggely' see that jacket collection click here...

Brief info about this Gem in the Cat-Biz Ashera Cat:

Price:between $22,000 and $28,000,for this Ashera cat, the animal that has been called: "the world's "largest, rarest and most exotic" domestic cat.This cat/rase has been crossed with two wild blood lines, The Asian Leopard Cat and the African Serval.


Looks a little bit like the Bengal Cat with the exception that the bengal hasn't been crossed with the African rase. It has a life expectansy of 25 years and mesures 4 ft when on it's back legs and weighs up to 30 lb.

A Pet as vs Fashion? Have we gone that far, pet and beauty, well that is pretty old news, we as humans have probably always wanted to shine a bit through our animals, a black stallion in the stabels worth showing off and the 'old ladies' beauty and well brushed dogs not to mention all theese shows where cats, dogs and other pets have a second in the spotlight while beeing judged by rase, style and apperance.

Fashion trends sometimes goes two and two with a pet and the choice of a pet is perhaps a mirror to your own personality? 

If we like or not, a Life Style Pets has been mold into our heads from the day 'cute puppies' where hotter than a handbag and the best label was a Chihuahua..Paris might have something to do with that..

I must admit, the Ashera Cat (big in size too) looks pretty cool, but rather than wearing a 'diamond' neckles and be looked in-doors (or thrown in a bigger bag) I do beleive that this animal needs some outdoors hang outs and be treated as cat with a stubbern will rather than a well trained poodle..I do like it's a beautiful animal!

And who says that leopard spots and fury prints isn't the hottest thing right now, making you in with an Ashera Cat.

Where to get it?

 "Ashera is being sold by British internet entrepreneur Simon Brodie, whose Californian firm Lifestyle Pets used a team of geneticists to develop the ultimate designer pet".But..-our waiting list is nine months long," said Mr Brodie.


Ever heard about savannah cats? There is the breed that started by crossing a serval cat with a domestic cat. Now ask yourself. If you cross a savannah cat with bengal cat (bengal cat is a domestic cat, right?) then what will you get? A Savannah cat that'll have asian leopard cat blood in it. So please explain what do you find new about ashera? For more information google about "ashera cat scam" or just read the article about ashera on wiki, it references DNA tests that proved ashera is a savannah.

Thanks for posting and for informing me along with Hot Cake's readers what's right, browsing News sites and watching it all on TV was perhaps missleading for me and other fellow bloggers? I am happy to hear that you share the right facts, so big thanks for posting..I'll definitly have a look at the Savannah cat and the 'fashion ashera cat trend' that is currently totally wrong, talk about them: creating a storm in a teapot just to make a 9 months long waiting list, they sure know how to talk the origin of the spotted cat up, I know some more:-)All the best!

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