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What to wear for 2011! Spring Fashion Tips

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Must have accessoriez

Straw Hats

I know it's been going on for a few seasons now, hats tipped over your nose while sunbathing and they all look like this, but grab it one more time, this summer it's really hitting 'us normal' people since the acess of them are more widely spread. Being in Goa for a quick stop everyone is already wearing theese combines with leather sandals, over-sized 70''s sunglasses or 80's rayban wayfarer. Guys are hooked on it to, so not only a great shade from the sun, it's offering a lot of style and attitude as well..




Fringed fashion trend

The latest trend is fringed clothing, totally in style of a showgirl burlesque with a hint of the 1920's house of Elliot. Best suited for a party and nothing to throw on a rainy Monday, well if your not consider life to be a constant banquet. This has hit the trendy in Hollywood and Madonna was seen wearing a green piece not long ago, as well as Paris Hilton. This will be on every onces must buy list for Spring/Summer 2009. Sienna Miller goes hard out seen in 2 outfits in fringed look, more and more celebs join in..will just have to see if it's a trend that lasts..


Show one shoulder off!

 Katie Holmes both rocks the 'one-shoulder' dress but also is the main figure in the new trend for Spring 2009, The worn out vintage looking Boyfriend jeans, rumor has it that Katie was the one inventing them, why it's not called husband jeans might be for the unattractive name, well I will settle to start calling my 'cozy' jeans for Cruise, also easy to cruise around in I guess:-)

Go asymmetric this Spring and a dress reveling a suntanned shoulder is a must have for every party girl. This goes for bikinis as well as tops. It's a bit with a vibe from the 80's over-sized t-shirts letting your shoulder stick out but seen on the cat walk was one shoulder clothing that had a more sophisticated look. The fit is generally tighter and with a cocktail look.

Trojan Movie look alike?

It's not the most flattering 'behind' for Mischa Barton, one of my style icons but all that is braided and draped seems to attract her and this trend she will master!.If you want to hitch your very own Acilles or just walk in Mischas shoes, why not jump on the heavy draped 'costume drama' trend of Grecian dresses. It will be a logical flow from the one off shoulder trend but also a small repeat of the much appreciated leather sandals that totally sold out spring/summer 2008 in a Roman style. Well, went under the name Roman sandals to be correct. Grecian dresses has plenty of drapery and goes in creamy colors and off white. Perfect to wear whith braids or the so called 'milk-maid' hair due that have been spotted on Sienna Miller.


All is Gold that Glitters?

Well if you don't have a million, why not look it? The new bold fashion trend spotted for Spring/Summer Fashion of 2009 is the jewel encrusted trend. It means heavy 'stones' and glittery rhinestones and embroidery on heaps of dresses, the fancier the better.

Go for pattern, flowers and butterflies

Try to stay on the loop when it comes to print, it's a boundery you don't want to missinterpret. The prints for spring is cute butterflies and flowers. Think Leonardo da Vinci's masterpieces or laura ashley's famous signature wall-paper prints and your safe and sound, so it's not a glitsy and blingy trend, simply vintage, soft and romantic.


 Romantic and like a Fairytale!

It seems always like you have to be invited to a thousands of parties to be able to use your 'new spring' wardrobe and this trend doesn't make it any easier. But there is way's to interpret all these styles in to a great day to day wardrobe. The romantic style also means blushy cheeks, soft curls and with a pair of torned jeans its a great base to find flowery printed shirt, combine it with a knitted 'off white' cardigan, pearl neckles and so on. It's all about taking the trend in and learn how to both find it in the store and then convert it to a style that fits you and of course use. The Romantic trend this year is all about combining new and old and the best item to invest in is definitely The Corset. It should be a longer model one and not with to much push up, think fairy tail and think old movie style and your on the right track! Fishbone and in silk perhaps? Fairytale is all about innocense and sheer beauty, use creamy colors and heaps of off-white. Layers on layers, example; tight top with long sleeves, on top a knitted vest with once again a long neckles and why not a pair of lace gloves. When it comes to a dress, corset style is always right, a cute puffy skirt and tight on top.

Grandma's Swim togs? The puffy shorts is back..

The cutest ever, puffy shorts and by far the best for anyone worried about knickers showing and uncomfertable 'too tight' shorts in the summer heat. I'll bet you will love your once's and this is going to hit the beach big time. Just keep in mind that it's a style wearing them and to match it is essential, don't make it to hard by adding heaps of details, just a simple linen top, best in off white or sandy beige and then a pair of round toe slippers, check out Marilyn Monroes style pictures to get an idea..My favourite trend so far. Go girls! Seen on the catwalk by Dolce&Gabbana below and Chloe above.


Accessories in Big and Bold

Everything that is heavy enough and big enough to be compared to an olympic medal is considered in and perfect this year. Experiment with stones and chains and no size is to over-size. Be careful to use to much 'fake' gold at once, it's not about quantaty its about quality. If you use a big jewelery make sure it's not combined with to much other 'bling' 'bling' chains and links.


Ripped and torned Jeans

Missed the sepia colored photos that everyone was hanging on the walls? They where posters with small kids posing, all in faded black and white and all wearing jeans. They where shyly kissing, maybe watching some sunset or just casually holding hands. The kids where around five to ten years and super cute. There was always a message of love and a rose in a slightly red tone standing out in the otherwise faded photo. So this was something 'at least' my friends loved to hang on their walls, kids kissing in jeans. Love, ahh, sweet love in jeans. In jeans? Well the 90's wasn't all about tights it was also about the denim, washes and fits. Sexy girls wearing ripped mini shorts posing in front of something dangerous like a crocodile or a red shiny Ferrari. The 80's ruled a majority of ugly fitted 'bad high waist' looking jeans. I remember wearing leather on the sides and of course heavily stone-washed. Well, then came Levis again, not that they ever left but the peak hit our school like a plague and suddenly mates where asking how many pair you had and of course checking bums out. It's a dear re-run that has come again. This time I can't help feel like I'm ready for it, I actually want it. Maybe I also have the bum to wear it. So if you don't have a pair of worn out white washed, torned and heavily ripped jeans left, I suggest you go shopping. The ripped jeans are back!


Boyfriend Jeans!

Don't have a boyfriend, don't worry with this trend it might just get you one. Seen on all the celebs while shopping, taking their kids out to play or simply relaxing with friends. Knowing that these rich people have to borrow their boyfriends jeans just to have something to put on might be weird, but what started as a 'hunny, is it okay if I grab this today?' is now one of the hottest trends for Spring/Summer. It's all about combining once again, looking saggy is a style in itself and you have to hot it up by showing some waist and having something tight on top. Feeling lost? Watch the new Sex&City movie and check out Carrie 'Sarah Jessica Parker' as she rushes around busy packing up her apartment in a pair of trendy, ripped and slightly over-sized jeans. I don't think she borrowed them from Mr Big, it's just a name, a statement for the fit of the jeans and that it simply 'looks' like a pair of jeans that you might find in your boyfriends wardrobe. You have to have the right style though, it's not an easy trend and could quickly make you look like a saggy homeless person. I have a quick step guide how to wear them without risking looking wrong, it's all about being right..right?


Spring and new times to come..



 For Great info about "how to start a Fashion Label" please have a quick look at my

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and all the best!

Hey there, I simply loved your blog and your style of writing. Must admit that loved your pictures. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !! PS: I have initiated an idea to create a fashion and style blogroll where bloggers from the jewelry, fashion, style and beauty could participate. All you need to do is to add my blog link to your blog and i'll do the same. That way, we could have a mutual partnership and we could refer visitors to each other's blog. Please let me know if you would be interested. Thanks! Barbara and Ellen The Gals at SoHo

Hi Barbara and Ellen!
Soho Accessories

Thanks for your nice comments and a positive respons.
I'm always up for sharing links and website adresses and having a quick look at your website it would be great having Hot Cake Fashion there.
I have emailed you so just simply email me back with full details or the alternative of just having your website adress here..and also when my link is up and running.
Have a great New Years girls and always welcome back!
Best rgds! Alice
If anyone else want's to swop links and urls with me, feel free to ask and we'll set something up! 

Hi Alice,

Just wondering if you've any formal education in fashion design?
Or was it just a passion that became a business?



Hi Zara!
Thanks for asking, always nice to get some questions!
I studied in Italy, Florens: Accademia Italiana Moda 'e Design for one year. This will only supply a Diploma and for more qualification it's 3 years. Well, I just wanted to try it out, living in another country and see if Fashion was for me. Straight after the Fashion School I got a job at H&M as an Assistant Buyer so a year is plenty for anyone just wanting to get a foot in the door.
Have a small course in In Design 5.0 Fashion but nothing I brag about, other than that you learn heaps by working in the business, even if it might be as a Seller in a Fashion Store folding jeans..
Feel free to ask anything more, always eager to inspire and help out!
Godd Luck Zara!

Fashion is learning by doing..
Remember buying a top that you never used or just as simple as a pair of shoes one size to small. Wheter we all live in denial or just see something we like hoping for the right party to appear or not, Fashion is learning by doing.
From finding 'your' colors to your size. Just try to make it fun along the way, and if your a Fashionista that just have to buy something new once in a while with a wallet that doesn't allow it, well there is always really fun stuff to play around with in second-hand stores.
If your a new designer, a talent undiscovered? It's also all about learning as you go, experimenting until it feels 100 percent right. With a new season and a new year, it always feels a bit challenging entering that winter closet with a perky spring mood, dig in there girls and as you go you will exceed and suceed in finding your style and the way you look at fashion..
It's suppose to be fun?
Any wild stories or just plain and simple tips to share? Feel free to add a comment today!
/rgds Hot Cake Fashion

 Become a Fashion Designer?


Start off by going to the right's not all about the grades, there is heaps of creative designers that has climbed to the lime-light by 'working' in the business but getting in to a school is still a great way of getting to know yourself and the industry.

Is this for you? What kind of style and collections do you want to make and then in the end, you will have heaps of fun, surrounded by young aspiering talents like yourself. 

Do you have any experince, good or bad from Fashion Educations, any recomendations to other people? Just add something about Fashions Schools today!


i'm a florida girl who has been in Malaysia since sept 2008 looking for a supplier for the mid market (dkny, bebe style) Party dresses and neat and clean tank tops, skirts. it's been a struggle and it feels almost impossible finding a good supplier who can meet the quality requirements i am after. Either they are simply to incompetent or demand to much qnty, i just want to try it out but it feels a bit.. to say the least..

how is your search coming along?
would be great to get some tips on what to do?

 Hi Summer!
Thanks for your question about how my brand is comming along.
Well a lot is happening, but as you know always 5 bad 3 least to start with. I know this is a though business and highly competetive so no roses here, yet. Someone once told me that 90 percent of all new brands throw in the towel after 2 years and the 10 percent that are lucky enough to make it still struggle a good 10 years, I don't know if that's correct or not but I'll kept that in mind, sometimes good to maintain both feet on the ground and not be to naive.
I suggest that you look into production elsewhere? Why did you settle for Malaysia in the first place, check out alibaba it's a great portal for anyone that want's to get in contact with manufacturers. Also, don't be to afraid to act like their customer, when it comes down to it it's all about the business, I know being a creative person sometimes makes it hard to deal with the business side of things but you will definitly grow with the challenge and remember that the vendors need your order (well if they are in between small and medium anyways). 
I'm not saying, bale Malaysia and go to for example China but you should search the internet first before shooting off to some tropical and in beleive to strike gold, but well being there physically is of course an advantage. When you find some manufacturers start emailing them(a good way to see if you get along and understand eachother, this is after all they future way you will communicate later on)decide for around 3-4, set up meetings, ask for 1 sample and then compare.
Mention that your 'window shopping' and that will keep them on their toes. Also, don't expect to much from them when it comes to qnty, what size of qnty are you thinking of producing? If it's too small it will simply not be worth it for them and it's better to consider just doing a sample collection(1-2pcs)in each design and then see what happens, in India a sample collection is often 2 to sometimes 4 times as expensive as doing a large qnty order, the price depends on fabric/bulk price and detailing that they'll have to do, but if your order is only 10 pcs, it might be better paying extra for the sample order. I don't think a sample order needs to be extremly expensive but make sure to get a right quote and ask for all cost right up front, for some reason they always seem hesitant to talk about money?..

Well, pls write again since I'm keen to hear how everything is going along for you, also check my collection out in a few days, will put it here at hot cake as a little VIP so do have a look!
all the best/Alice

I must say there are endless blogs associated with tips and latest trends. I can't blame the authors because they merely write what the audience enjoys reading. And I must say ladies out there are on the look to get the latest in trend. What I hate from the list is boyfriend jeans. That cannot be a trend... Because it simply look unfashionable and ugly on women. They should compliment their legs rather than wearing saggy jeans.

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