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Vintage sequin dresses for New Year, what are you wearing?

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I am currently planning my New Years eve outfit, it's not too far in advance, is it? I have set my eyes on some chunky Vintage sequin dresses that I found on Ebay, there is so many good vintage shops running at the moment (see my post about kimono burnout robe from Kuku Vintage)making it impossible to choose.




Photo from the Ebay Shop: Bust Town Modern price range on her pieces is between $10-150 US.

I am thinking of pairing the dress with basic accessories, perhaps none at all?..but shoes, yes that's a must..already visualized is a pair of black velvet ones. The dress will then do all the work, atleast that's my plan of attack,. Going for a sparkly gown will saveand skip all those sparkly accessories. What are you going to wear?


Indie Cult Vintage Ebay Shop..this dress is still up for grabs..


Photos from the Ebay Shop: Indie Cult Vintage, average price on these vintage 'pretties' is around $60-200 US


A sequin piece can be used again and again just swap see through stockings to some heavy knitted leggings and a big white grandpa shirt and it's a day wear as well..that motivates my purchase anyways:-)xx Alice


Photo from indecoroustaste Lovely vintage minty green sequin derss, her spike shoes are really raw, edgy and pretty combo to make the outfit less 'cute'.


Photo from Indecoroustaste Again, vintage garments with a modern styling, loving it!


Photo from Indecoroustaste Go all black, perfect for New Years, any party for that matter..


Photo from Indecoroustaste I have found some sequin pieces in printed patterns, I like the combo of plain cotton striped, lace detailed stockings and out of the blue a zebra printed sequin!

Finishing off with a pretty over-size tunic sequin dress from Amerivan Archive Ebay Shop..



Love that first dress!

Hi Audrey! Yes, I love that dress sequins and accenturated shoulders..who needs anything else? I have been thinking about my New Years outfit and might go for a loose fitted over-size sequin tunic dress and then nude colored shoes and dusky eyes..No necklaces or bracelets..hmm..still brainstorming tough..Thanks for stopping by! xx Alice

With similar style JESSICA BIEL dresses from Vera Wang, you can still ooze style Carolina Bang Style dress. You just want to get a great deal on a katherine heigl dresses.

but still much better prophets than prophets. These are really nice. Good job. Thanks for it.

Just like the blue one, so beautiful and shining! Looks like Asian royal family style.

Thanks for sharing, Alice ;-)

BTW, I just blogged about this and pinged you ;-)


Thanks for your comments, I had to look it up, being 'pinged' I mean..:-)never heard of it before, I really have to spend some more time online I guess..Just soo busy sewing, stitching, sketching and yes..some more sewing:-)I think I've emailed you guys before, love the shop and would like to be featured with you..(you can always email me if interested, alicevsmith(at)
Thanks for the link and again for your comment:-)xx Alice

Great picks! :o) -Samantha

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