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T-shirt Print 'I Love My Boyfriend' Trend bouncing back..

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A love fling with a heart and a Trend bound to bounce back with latest print 'I Love Barrack'

 'I Love My Boyfriend' ..yes I do

Photo from catwalkqueen, one of my favourite sites by the way..

Yes I do, Love him that is..but saying it on a top? well when poetry and letters, plain paper has been replaced by sms and emails what better than cotton top? Printed T-shirts with a statement is a powerful tool. Many Designers are printing, lately spotted the ever so hot topic 'Obama' and lot of "Go green" "Save the earth", eco-wear with a clear message, I'm a eco-friendly T-shirt so wear me and show the world that you are too. And then of course there's a lot of prints that of doesn't say really anything except an xlarge logo like G-Star's big 96 or Replay on the bum, here in Bangkok is "The Godfather" big enough to make anyone notice and read you' on the street.

Obama, not just a printed headline in the News Papers but a T-shirt as well..

"Are you going to wear that hunny?"my boyfriend asked discreatly when I tried it on, yes I proclaimed with a wink. I have seen theese T-shirts around for quite a while with the first big one, 'I love New York/NY as seen on the below pic' and recently I spotted some on the beach-walk in Goa/Indien with 'I love Tibet' of all places, shouldn't it at least say Goa? So now I'm part of the team, a bit too late or just fashionable late? So, today while out togheter with my 'guy' I smiled at randomly by-passers, kind of nodding..yes he is the boyfriend, the boyfriend that I love, and me and my 'guy' ended up having a few good laughs out of the whole discreatly reading and somewhat starring and smiling part.

Bad Fashion sense can be excused with several things, like sudden unexpected heat-waves(being nordic and all)smitten by crazy cheap prices, too much of everything and the ever so dangerous sun, yes the tropical summery wibe going on makes people dress in the most odd ways. Not grey and clean off-white, outfits that state business and trend, nope,I should know packing my bag with Tiger of Sweden dresses and sailor striped shirts, khaki shorts and white tennis shoes from working in a Fashion Store before leaving Sweden.

It started with NY..Old Trend comming Back? The Olsen Sisters did it then..

So there I was, a great and matching neat and small wardrobe in just ONE bag. Days later the laid back lifestyle and the 70's liberation wibe showered over me like a giant heat-wave, suddenly theese clean looking clothes and the dream of looking like an early settler in Africa, a Safari girl well dressed with khaki khaki khaki went out the window. From surfs up to back-packer pants it was simply a way of adjusting to a sort of La La land society. No Fashion rules and if it's bright and printed enough just put it on. No 'real' shoes required and just one pair is plenty..,camel leather sandals and a straw hat matched with a over-sized shirt has been my number one in Goa. The survival or sweat to death fundementals of fashion that took over and the neat farmer girl cotton dresses was out and the crinkled rough looking grandpa buttoned shirts where suddenly in.

I think 'me' and all the other suntanned and highlighted tourists are wearing garments that we would never wear back home in our so called normal life. Well, a vintage printed summer dress could always work combined with a well coordinated city accessories style(leather belts and boots)But when talking about the extrems, who in their right mind would run into the office 'perhaps even ten minutes late' making excuses while catching their breath, wearing a pair of much too 'just much' and mega large 'harem pants'? It's like the simply and go classic is at it's opposite. We all want to have T-shirts printed saying 'I don't care because I'm on Holiday' 'I'm young(maybe only 40)and I too can have dreadlooks' matched with hippie 'batik' bandanas and mulit colored unevenly patched pants. Well, let's just all go for that then, call our selves a bit out of it, at least one should make the most of it and have a small 'style liberation' in this l'a la land'..So being here in the land of plenty, and I mean everything, plenty of time,plenty of party,plenty of cheap food and then the cloths. Why not go plenty with everything, skip being a minimalist and be a megalist, letting prints,florals,embroidery and washes join in between your well ironed shirts, just remember that you have to live with the Holiday photos a long time and perhaps the wardobe you brought back...;-)



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