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The Roadtrip on the desert road to Taupo - Roadtrip a trip in double meaning..

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road triproad trip

I woke up today after the weekend road trip, and its still slowly wearing off. At Saturday around 8.00 o clock me and my partner was woken up by two eager road-trippers, his brother Andrew and his girlfriend Anna. We hit the rainy roads for a 6 hour drive up to Taupo, a posh water sport destination where people own batches bigger than most all year around villas I have seen before. Neat and clean streets with just a walking distance to an alluring lake, the lake Taupo that I easily could have mistaken for a huge bay connected with the ocean. We did the usual stuff, stopping at road signs and monuments to get some photos but the heavy rain made us all take a deep breath before a quick exit from the warm car. I packed as if we where going to be away for 2 weeks. It turned out to be much needed tough,the weather kept changing as quickly as the general mood. The night before the trip I had a late night talk with my Vendor, finally I might add since it was a lot to be said and done about my collection. Sizes and labels, questions about my bumblebee broach that I'm making (it seems like the size differs as well as the design with every sample). The call lasted over 1 hour and when I put the phone down it was 2 o clock at night. I thought that I might get some sleep in the car during the next day, not even worrying about being tired at all. So the idea was to have a well rested trip up and then relaxed enjoy some wine and dine by the lake, but then “how silly was that thought?”. You don't sleep on a road trip, I'm not a granny for gods sake (but feelt like it).

road trip new zealand

Perhaps I'm getting old, or at a closer look, I might have so many things in my head that I'm not just that social at the moment. The trip went well, except for some minor crises with my partner, discreetly eyeballing each other when he teased me over my limit or when something with a bit of an attitude was said. Andrew and Anna has been together for 7 years and are so stable as a couple. Holding hands and making each others breakfasts, knowing how everything is being cooked and what he/she wants the tea to be done and so on, no crises just silence as the worst enemy. Me and my guy sleeps in, rough looking grabbing some sandwiches while 'running' around like two teenagers, we are simply in another state of the relationship, a wonderful place when our love is good, its truthful bliss and all rosy everywhere and when its bad its, 'we almost break up while crying' and its really bad. This state is more dramatic and feelings, mood goes up and down forcing us to 'get to know' each others boundaries and acceptances. It was a stormy weekend and it wasn't all about the weather.

But all and all, we got some great memories as well but when we finally arrived back to Ashhurst all I wanted to do was to sleep, I was so exhausted. Is it possible that you need a vacation from the vacation? Now a second day has passed and I'm finally 100 percent focused on my Collection and I'm sitting in the living room over-looking the windmills and the big lush green hills, I feel back in my element again. I have my collection book in front of me and soon to open up the tricky Photoshop.

road trip new zealand

Back to the drawing table with Eco fashion on the agenda

It's going to be a great day I have now decided, even curled my hair and are wearing my favorite army cargo Ed Hardy shorts matching the red prints on them with a shiny red lip gloss from MAC. Wonderful, yes and lovely being in my own thoughts again and with the idea of sending that much longed email to my Vendor.

I want this, being in a creative state and I think it comes with a few ups and downs, a lot of thinking and a lot of 'am I doing the right thing?', 'what am I really doing' and so on..

I'm back in that double meaning..Alexander McQueen Butterflies collection


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